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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUpride123, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    What happened to him?

    Night and day play calling... Very much like.... Great work in the off weeks.

  2. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    When you can play single cover (island), it makes your defensive calls so much easier.
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  3. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    I am just surprised we stuck to Man coverage.
  4. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    Well Robinson is going to be special. I just wish we would have stuck him out on the field every snap from the 2nd game on. He would have been ready for Georgia most likely.
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  5. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    Yeah, I agree. Was just talking about that. By far, best defensive performance and playcalling of the year, but maybe RR and TW allow that, and we didn't have them early. I, too, am surprised he stuck w/MTM all game.
  6. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    Our shitty defense is holding an offense that averages 49 points a game to less than half that
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  7. northernvatiger

    northernvatiger Founding Member

    Kudos to Chavis for a great game plan. Kudos to the Tiger defense for stepping up.
  8. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    And shut them out in the 2nd half. No one in the world could have predicted that.
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  9. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    This gives us hope of returning to being a dominant defense next season.

    It's all about the cover corners. They played lights out.
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  10. 65Grad

    65Grad Maturity is Overrated

    Why don't we play this kind of defense late in games, instead of that lame "soft zone" shit?
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