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    We beat a good team today. If you read the articles on ESPN we get our "props". Congrats tigers! Up 28-7 with under 8 minutes left, the difference in rushing yards was unreal. So they hit a few passes and scored late, when you throw the ball 50 times, you are going to hit some passes (and usually lose). Don't forget defensive back have to react, and are at a disadvantage on a sloppy field. They were playing 10 yards off of them in the 4th quarter, something they don't normally do.

    Glen Dorsey says shut up and celebrate!
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    I agree!!

    And I might add that South Carolina is probably the best team we'll face until Florida in 2 weeks.

    I know USCe doesn't have the typical football tradition of most other schools in the SEC, but after this game, I feel that their #12 ranking heading into this week was justified.

    Here's to hoping we get to meet the Gamecocks again this season in Atlanta! :thumb:

    Oh...and our string of knocking out our opponents starting QB continues to 4 games!!!!! :thumb: Tulane should make it #5... ;) :thumb:
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    We are just a bunch of Sunday morning coaches breaking down the game. I think we all knew this was gonna be a fight even without the rain and I think most of us are pretty happy with the game as a whole.:thumb:
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    Yeah this board will be flooded with threads where the poster says "They should have blah blah blah" and others that will say "We should switch QB's blah blah blah"... but none of those computer critics could have went out there and done what our team did today. Half of them probably didn't even go because of the rain or they left at half time because of the rain...

    What does it change? Nadda... We're still gonna be #2, undefeated, deep, can run like hell, and sitting pretty. This is a special season.
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    Wait, you mean South Carolina is better than Tulane? I guess you didn't see that Tulane beat SLU. You might want to check the scores before making crazy statements like this.

    Good point. After the past couple of years, I dare say this is becoming either a tradition or a habit. Maybe both, I guess. Now you've given me something more to obsess about. :hihi:

    Hopefully Tim "Idiot Juice" Tebow is aware of this. Of course, the juice still makes him run headlong into everyone.

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