Clay Travis declares war on Bama

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Cajun Sensation, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Cajun Sensation

    Cajun Sensation I'm kind of a big deal Staff Member

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  2. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    Nick is probably in there with a 2x4 and a gas can as we speak.
  3. Cajun Sensation

    Cajun Sensation I'm kind of a big deal Staff Member

    That is hilarious
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  4. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Kiffin is with him, but in a few weeks he will go missing as well.
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  5. TwistedTiger

    TwistedTiger Founding Member

    Why? It's not like the NCAA is going to do anything.
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  6. furduknfish

    furduknfish Goldmember

    Too fkn funny and pathetic, as in the NCAA. To be fair theres not much to do in ttown but hang out old dudes store and get your GF groped by said old dude.
  7. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    This is kinda like Charlie Wilson's War, but for recruiting.
  8. cwatsn

    cwatsn Loyal Servant

    My intuition and gut tells me in the next 5 years some serious stink in the Tide program is going to get above ground.

    If they are blatantly doing this, I can only imagine what else. Kharma's a bitch.
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  9. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    Yep. I think the same thing.
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  10. Rolan

    Rolan Live from Houston

    Sorry I saw the picture of Katherine Webb first, what was the article about again...

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