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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tigernut4, Jan 30, 2003.

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    i think all the fault has to be placed on coach bradys shoulders, you shuldnt blame a college kid because un like an nba player hes not getting paid and they are still maturing if you were 18 19 20 and you played basketball for a d 1aa team and u luv basketball and u play cuz u luv it and because u miss a shot or make a mistake your are gettin cussed at screamed at. i dont think many young men can handle that. i question bradys recruits since hes been here, he recruits the best players or the 5 stars 4 stars, you need a guy who would follow you to hell and back because you trust every desicion he makes and believes in every desicion he makes. thats where our downfall is, when you go play basketball would you rather play with a guy who sometimes raises his voice but never cursed just had words of encouragement for you or some guy screaming WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING< GET OUT MY FACE, one question, i know bradys philosiphy about defense and all but why sit dupree, our only offensive threat besides collis for about 9 minutes. i think we had just 3 points during that time, now thats just bad coaching you can understand if it was just for a minute or 2 but for 9 minutes when we couldnt hit the ocean if we were in it ub believable, i say give him the rest of the year and if we dont have a decent finish or if we dont play better, he should leave. none of the players he has had for 4 years have improved CT3 was excellent as a freshman same with dupree and during his sophmore year, Bright had a great freshman year, look at them now dupree is strugling to stay on the draft boards and CT3 and Bright wont see the court of the nba. how long brady been here 6, 7 years billy donovan has been at florida 6 or 7 years look at his team and our team i know about restricions but his players look like they love him trust him and believe in him, somthing that LSU fans and as it seems players dont
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    Dupree had 2 fouls in the first 5 minutes of the game. You have to sit him. If he picks up a 3rd, he's gone for the half. You may have a point regarding Brady's yelling. I played for a coach in HS who was much the same way. Although I genuinely cared for him, it's tough to be aggressive and into the game when you are fearing the wrath of a coach like that.

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