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    I saw a local reporter talking to LSU's coach last night in Birmingham. Smoke indicated that he thought the SEC would only get 7 teams in the NCAA tourney, based on the fact that Skip Bertman and Hal Baird were no longer on the committee. I have seen others that think that as many as 11 could squeak in. What say the most knowledgable baseball fans in the SEC?
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    Skip made these comments about the situation, which were posted in today's Times Picayune:

    For the past two seasons the SEC has put nine teams in the NCAA tournament, and last year four teams hosted super regionals. But there is a feeling the number could drop to eight, possibly seven. LSU athletic director Skip Bertman said last year was an exception.

    "These guys that think the SEC is going to get 10 teams are nuts," said Bertman, who served on the NCAA selection committee the past three seasons. "Last year a lot of favorites won the automatic bids in their tournaments and the teams RPIs flattened out around 55. All the teams in the SEC are so close to each other, they will have a lot of trouble separating the seven, eight and nine teams. This tournament is huge. Every time you win your power rating zooms through the roof."

    Bertman said it's also unlikely that the SEC would get more than two super regional host sites. Among Florida, Tennessee, LSU and Ole Miss, the teams with the best shot, two or more will lose two tournament games.

    The rest of the article cane be found here:

    If there's anyone who knows about this topic, it's Skip Bertman.

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    I wouldn't pay to much attention to what Laval has to say.
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