Coaches to be fired and hired

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by goldengirlfan, Oct 22, 2007.

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    In some other threads, mention is made about Fran, Callahan, and Nutt and what future, if any, they have at their respective schools. Tuberville is rumored to be interested in A&M, Nebraska in Pelini, Michigan in Miles, and Arkansas is looking at everyone but Pee Wee Herman. Some think JoePa and Warden Bowden are too old. Jim Leavett's name surfaces on every talk show. How long does O last in Oxford ?

    How long does Weis get at Notre Dame ? Wonder if NBC is happy. The Domers are terrible and have some more beatings to look forward to. They fired Willingham for less. Does the white guy get more time than Willingham did ? This has been a great year following the meltdown in South Bend. Seems they weren't this bad under Gerry Faust. The Irish are FUBAR . Go Navy.

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