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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by DJ, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Nick Saban & Co. are way ahead of the competition both figuratively and literally, as it is only about a month after signing day 2004 and we have commitments from 25% or more of our 2005 signing class. It is early March and we have already sewn up a commitment from a guy who is probably the #1 RB in Louisiana, a couple of great athletes who probably project as college DB's but who will be playing other positions in HS, as well as additional reinforcements at LB and DE.

    I have heard that we may have as many as 5 more commitments by the end of March. Amazing.

    You can be sure that anyone with an offer from LSU at this point is someone the coaching staff unequivocally wants to sign. There were many highly-sought players last year who wanted to come to LSU but did not get offers , or who had offers and lost them because the fiddled around too long.

    The guys who have committed this early know there is nothing like being a TIGER, and they are smart enough to seal the deal before someone else tries to take their place on the train.

    The reason we are so far ahead of everyone else is because nobody works harder than Saban & Co., and nobody plans ahead any better than Saban & Co. What we are seeing is no accident, but instead the result of considerable effort by a coaching staff with the vision and commitment it takes to build a program that will be dominant over the long haul.

    Is there anyone else who can't wait for Spring practice to start?
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    a lot just happens by default of winning a NC although they do work hard on recruiting.
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    There has probably been a lot of coaching staffs that have thought that way and were fired very soon after.

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