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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu99, Dec 4, 2001.

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    I've heard many different scenarios but will try to stay away from the specifics of a playoff format. I guess LSU and SEC fans should be content with how things are now because of the obvious advantage over other conferences in getting into the BCSCG. A one-loss SEC championship game winner will get into the game over most other teams, as Tennesse is proving this year. As everyone knows, LSU can make the whole system seem messed up again if Nebraska slips in without even making it to the Big 12 game. Even if LSU wins Saturday, Roy Kramer and others may not allow playoff discussions to develop but I wish they would. I realize that LSU's best interests may be to keep things as they are, but it could be good for college football to determine a champion on the field like every other sport on every level. Are there any other reasons why we should not be pulling for implementing a playoff format? Will they even allow it to be discussed? There will certainly be an uproar over the process if the Tigers win Saturday.
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    It is every year around this time we hear rumblings of playoff talk and the bowl system doesn't work. Well, I am not sure how the playoff system would work either. The main complaint is people say their team is best and should be in the National Championship game, well, with the playoffs we will hear the same complaints only earlier. My team deserves to be in the playoffs.

    Besides, how many teams would you have and where would you draw the line on who makes it and who doesn't? BYU in at 12-0, but Colorado out at 10-2, see the problems are still there, not to mention the lost revenues for up and coming teams that is generated by what we call toilet bowls. Those funds for 6-5 teams helps sustain programs.

    I know the bowl system has it's flaws (this year is a prime example), but I honestly believe it is the best available system and shouldn't be changed.

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