Comments on Nick Saban's Touchdown Club Luncheon in Houston (7/22)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TejasTiger, Jul 22, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    First off, I could not attend due to work, but I hope this thread catches the eye of any Houston-area fans who did.

    Here are some comments from an attendee who emailed Dandy Don:

    I dunno about the Dale Brown comparison, but the rest sounds good to me. I think Nick is spot on with the rotation idea, and I think the home and home against Oklahoma was the first step in that direction (starting, when, sometime after 2006, I believe). LSU's philosophy should be to schedule one "premiere" non-conf. game per year, leaving 2 more manageable (preferrably regional, be they in-state or near-state like Univ. of Houston, Southern Miss, UAB, etc.) non-confs and the mandatory 8 conference games.

    More stuff: one of the morning show guys here actually sat next to Coach yesterday and he shared some "off the mike" comments they both shared. He said that Saban says that he's broken down that Sugar Bowl tape and LSU dominated Oklahoma on a number of levels and should have won by more than seven points.

    More interestingly, he discussed their goals going into last season and this, and how he's busting his ass to keep everything as similar in approach as possible. One story he told was of having a conversation with JV in which Vincent told him he, "had to get at least 1,200 yards" in order to improve on last year's 1,000.

    "Did you go into last year insisting on having to get 1,000 yards?", Saban asked.

    When Vincent replied, "No, coach, I was just trying to make the team!", Saban said, "Exactly. Take the same damn approach to this year as well, and you'll be fine."

    44 days, guys, 44 days. :geaux:

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