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Congrats to baseball & Gymnastics

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cajdav1, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. cajdav1

    cajdav1 Soldiers are real hero's

    Giant series win in Oxford for baseball, they do compete when their backs are to the wall. Gymnastics had their best finish ever and would have won the championship in many years.
  2. ragincajun1987

    ragincajun1987 Veteran Member

    What's the deal???!! No one posts about baseball here any longer???!! :(
  3. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me?

    The last guy who did was a great PBP guy. I truly enjoyed reading his posts because you could relive a game through reading them. That said, he was bipolar and we finally encouraged him to leave because of his psycho posts.
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  4. VampMuse

    VampMuse Freshman

    Definitely bipolar but those posts were pretty badass :/
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  5. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me?

    Since I have to work during most games this year, I am really missing his posts.
  6. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    Someone took over the P-B-P this past season, and was doing a great job. I can't remember who, but they were excellent.
  7. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me?

    That's who we are talking about.
  8. b_leblanc

    b_leblanc Victory for LSU!

    I've been wondering about this.
  9. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    Oh, I thought you were talking about JohnLSU from a while back.
  10. KyleK

    KyleK Who, me?

    We are pretty sure they are the same person.

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