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Discussion in 'Good Eats' started by lsutiga, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    Years ago my dad made a comment to me that I thought was somewhat overly confident- which was out of character for him. He told me if I ever used a wooden spoon I'd never go back to metal.

    Be dam if I didn't try one and now it's essentially all I use. I say "essentially" cause, like right now, the ones I have no longer have a good edge on them for scraping the "brownings" to make the gravy.

    I have a hard time finding the ones I use cause I'm left-handed and most have a right-hander's angle on them. When I find some that are square-ended I pick up several. There's a place near Academy in Lafayette that usually has them. I think it's a Target.

    Anyway, do any of you use wooden spoons? The metal ones actually wear the bottom of magnalite pots. If you look at the old ones you can notice the wear from metal-to-metal.

    And by "spoon" I'm galking about one like this, kinda. The style I like is a little different but this one is close.
  2. MLUTiger

    MLUTiger Secular Humanist

    Wooden spoons, spatulas, etc almost exclusively. I will break out the silicone spatula for a lot of things that don't require scraping.
  3. LSUsupaFan

    LSUsupaFan Founding Member

    I use wooden spoons for just about everything. I must admit to using silicone and non-stick for eggs.
  4. Cajun Sensation

    Cajun Sensation I'm kind of a big deal Staff Member

    Isn't there a sanitation issue with wooden spoons? I remember someone saying something like that. Even when washed, the bacteria are still there in the porous wood as opposed to a plastic or metal spoon/spatula.
  5. LSUsupaFan

    LSUsupaFan Founding Member

    That's just more seasoning brah.
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  6. mobius481

    mobius481 Registered Member

    I thought everyone used wooden spoons and the rubber/plastic spatulas. Didn't realize there was any other way.
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  7. MLUTiger

    MLUTiger Secular Humanist

    Wood naturally repels disease and when wooden utensils are made, they're rubbed with mineral oil which does not allow bacteria to really develop. You should be good with wooden stuff. I would hand wash, though.
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  8. sunnyjim

    sunnyjim Veteran Member

    People have cooked with wooden spoons for most of human history. It can't be killing us. The plastic particles and chemicals we ingest from teflon utensils and plastic packaging is probably worse for us.
  9. Cajun Sensation

    Cajun Sensation I'm kind of a big deal Staff Member

    Whatever dude. My Aunt Becky passed away last year after eating from a wooden spoon.
  10. mancha

    mancha Alabama morghulis

    Drug resistant bacteria is around today because we use antibacterial soap and plastic/metal spoons.
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