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    This article was sent to me. Hope the link works.
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    Nope. Article below:
    Writeup by Pete Fiutak

    Who is Corey Webster? ... LSU won a piece of the 2003 national title because of speed, defense, timely blitzes, and more speed. It takes athletes to run the style of attacking defense LSU likes to employ, but the most important pieces of the puzzle are the cornerbacks. Lesser teams don't have the talent at defensive back that the Tigers do and wouldn't dare leave their corners on an island. LSU's Travis Daniels and Corey Webster seem to thrive on one-on-one coverage along with all the pressure. If these two can repeat their performances of last year and let the safeties and linebackers focus on things other than the top opposing receivers, the Tigers should allow even less than the 185 passing yards per game they gave up last year.

    While Daniels had a great season, Webster was the star of the secondary and probably should've been off early to the NFL. At 6-0 and almost 200 pounds, Webster is big enough to handle the physical receivers, while quick enough to stay with the speedy ones. He was a Thorpe Award semifinalist after making 46 tackles, breaking up 25 passes and picking off seven passes, and will most certainly be in the hunt again.

    As good as Webster was in 2003, it wasn't like he came from out of nowhere with seven interceptions in a reserve role only starting five games the year before. Picked on a bit more a few years ago, opposing offenses tried to stay away from the former receiver last year, but it didn't matter. Daniels, a bigger corner than Webster, should be great this season now that he knows how to play the position, so Webster might have his best year yet with opposing quarterbacks being forced to throw his way.
    Webster's best game so far was ... against Georgia in last year's 17-10 regular season win. He was all over the field making nine tackles and breaking up five passes. With the Bulldogs driving late to try and send the hard fought game into overtime, Webster made a spinning interception of David Greene to seal the victory and get the LSU SEC title season rolling. His three interception performance in a 36-7 win over Florida in 2002 was a close second.

    Why you should care about Corey Webster ... On a team full of defensive talent, Webster could be the best and the most honored star in 2004. He should be the odds on favorite to win the Thorpe Award if he has some of the same gaudy interception and pass breakup numbers like he's had over the last few seasons.

    Positives about Webster ... What's not to like? Webster might be the best athlete on a team full of athletes. A basketball player at corner, he has the long arms and jumping ability to play even bigger than his height. With his speed and aggressiveness, he frustrates both receivers and quarterbacks alike, and there might not be a better corner in America when the ball is in the air. He's one of the few corners in the game who can truly handle the one-on-one island.

    Negatives about Webster ... So far he's been able to get by on raw talent without always having picture-perfect technique. Even after two years as one of college football's best corners, he could still use a bit of work on his fundamentals and footwork, but that's nitpicking; it's not that bad. He's fast, but doesn't always turn the speed on until the ball is in the air.

    Cool things about Webster that you probably didn't know ... He was a quarterback in high school, but he might have been an even better basketball player averaging 20 points a game as a junior. ... He started his LSU career as a receiver before making the switch to the defensive side.

    Career statistics
    2003: 46 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, one sack, a forced fumble, 25 broken up passes and seven ints.
    2002: 36 tackles, one tackle for loss, a forced fumble, 17 broken up passes and seven interceptions
    2001: offense 7 catches for 74 yards
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    Thanks, great article.
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    Glad he saw the wisdom (at least for Tiger fans) of staying another year.
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    Especially considering most people were saying he should go pro right now....

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