Crying over lost recruits

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tiger420, Jan 3, 2014.

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    In case you haven't been paying attention to the world of College Sports lately, there are a bunch of good teams out there that don't wear Crimson and White. Let that soak in for a minute as you reflect on last night's victory by the Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl. Do you think teams are in awe of Saban and his Tide? Respectful ... sure. Fearful? No. No one should be. The College football landscape is starting to level out as more and more quality programs are established from coast to coast.

    Many programs across the country offer talented players the opportunity to grow, develop and get a quality education. Each young man that departs high school is looking to find the program and the school that offer him / her the best fit. They need to find that opportunity which offers them the best path to achieve their goals. These young men are working on their life's direction, their calling and their future.

    It belongs to them, it is not ours.

    So why in the world do people get so upset when that young man chooses Florida, Texas A&M or even Bama as their college destination over LSU? I understand that you want that guy to play here. I also understand some people's nature when something doesn't work out the way they wanted. All is lost, we are sinking like a lead weight. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    Stop it!

    It was never your decision and it is something you have absolutely no control over whatsoever. So why put yourself through the torment? Be happy for that young man that he has the chance to play at the Collegiate Level, gain an education, and put himself in a position for a very solid future! I hope they all get to play on a big stage, have great success wherever they go and that true joy is always a companion.

    And if you are still focused on the impact to the team that you like ... well consider that highly rated and talented players are only valuable in terms of the potential to a team. There are no guarantees. Look at the fact that although the vaunted Tide have pulled in top 5 recruiting classes year over year, it has taken a favorable schedule and bit of the ball bouncing their way to achieve what they have over the past few years. That's not a discount of talent or coaching. It's simply to say that there are a number of factors that play into the succses or failure of a team and the recruting battle is just one.

    There are many highly talented players out there across this country and there are a number of programs that provide that fit for them. LSU will be on that list for some and not for others. So try some positive thinking for a change of pace. Be glad that Noil found his comfort zone at A&M and that Willis has a fit at Florida. It just means that there is a better fit for LSU and those slots will get filled by great players.

    I just never understood the concept of just because someone is born and raised in Louisana that they also need to stay there and go to school or be labeled a traitor. So stop hating the ones that left and start loving the ones that are on their way. Embrace what is happening down in Baton Rouge. In case you haven't noticed ... there's a pretty damn good team down there and it's getting a lot better!
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    Way too long but judging from the title, I'm sure I agree with every word. Great post!
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    Man, it's a good thing Bama fans and LSU fans wear different colors because alot of them are starting to sound alike.
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    I'll tell you why --

    We want another championship or two for LSU. We want to be the dominant team in the SEC.

    And when we have the talent in our backyard to do it, we want those kids. We feel like we should have first dibs on those kids, and that those kids should have grown up loving Purple and Gold.

    The flip side to it is this -- there are 20 other schools out there offering something very similar to what LSU is - a great education, a chance to play on National TV, a chance to win championships, and a shot at the NFL.
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    To sum it up: you get what you get and don't throw a fit.
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    Everybody wants the beauty queen but sometimes you gotten take home a slump buster just to get the mojo flowing again.
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    Jesus I thought nobody was watching in my younger years. Those slump busters were supposed to be a secret.
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    Now, that's some funny chit right there, i don't care who you are, a pumper or negater.
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    Did we lose a recruit?

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