Cumulative SEC Champion Award.

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    I made it up myself. Every year since 2000, I will compile the following formula for every SEC team:

    (Total points scored all season - Total points allowed all season)

    The resulting number is added to the total amount for each successive year since 2000, and then averaged out for the average score, which determines HALF of the rankings, since there are two awards: One for overall best record and one for overall best point ratio. Example below, in LSU's case.

    2005: 181, 10-1 (that year's regular season record.)
    2004: 144, 9-2
    2003: 293, 11-1
    2002: 100, 8-4
    2001: 92, 8-3
    2000: 71, 7-4

    Average: 146, 8-2.

    I have an excel spreadsheet to show all the stats, but I'm not quite sure how to link it (or even if I can since I'm a non-contributor :() But anyway, here're the final results for 2005.

    SEC Overall 6 year rankings (record):

    Champion: Georgia (average record 9-2)
    2nd: LSU (average record 8-2)
    3rd: Auburn (average record 8-2, but with a lower average point ratio, which in this ranking system acts as a tie breaker.)
    4th: Florida (average record 8-3)
    5th: Tennessee (average record 8-3 [2005 hurt them bad.])
    6th: Arkansas (average record 6-4)
    7th: Alabama (average record 6-5)
    8th: Ole Miss (average record 6-5)
    9th: South Carolina (average record 6-5)
    10th: MSU (average record 3-7)
    11th: Kentucky (average record 3-8)
    12th: Vanderbilt (average record 2-8)

    SEC overall 6 year rankings (points scored vs. points allowed)

    Champion: Florida (average of 166 [their margin was 327 in 2001, and they didn't even go to the SEC championship game!:eek:])
    2nd: LSU (average of 146)
    3rd: Georgia (average of 145)
    4th: Auburn (average of 132)
    5th: Tennessee (average of 96)
    6th: Alabama (average of 79)
    7th: Arkansas (average of 58)
    8th: Ole Miss (average of 20)
    9th: South Carolina (average of 17)
    10th: Kentucky (average of -75)
    11th: MSU (average of -96)
    12th: Vanderbilt (average of -103)

    Before anyone says it, yes, I do have too much time on my hands. I work an admin job. :)

    Another ranking system I'd like to do would be to use the same system as above but limit the records only to conference games. That'd truly tell us who the Cumulative champion is.

    Anyway, I'll try and see if I can upload the whole spread sheet soon, if anyone's interested.

    Thanks to for the stats!
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    poor vandy...

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