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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CParso, May 11, 2008.

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    Demetrius Byrd has been predicted as a possible 1st round pick next year, and I'm curious about people's opinions on how having a green QB will affect him & his draft status.

    He's got the measurables, but last year he did not have great route-running abilities. He was basically just used as a deep threat.

    Will having an inexperienced QB force Byrd to run more intermediate routes? Drag down his production? Lower his draft position?
  2. Gregatron

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    I doubt it. Most good NFL teams (at scouting talent) take into consideration such things, and think a hell of a lot more about these contextual factors than we do. They are not that results oriented.
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    There is no doubt that he will have to refine his routes this year and get comfortable crossing the middle, WR screens, and outs. The deep ball will still be there but I suspect less frequently early into the season while these QBs gain confidence in the offense. I think the production could suffer because I am expecting a more balanced WR attack next year with the WRs getting fairly equal catches.

    I do not think his draft status will suffer much if at all because I think he is very capable at improving in these areas and his measurables are still top notch.
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    I believe having a green QB and an experienced receiver is WAY more favorable than having a seasoned QB with a green receiver.

    I'll use an example at Mamou High a few years back. There was a QB, great athlete, who put up huge numbers but I said then that his receiver was making him think he was more of a QB than he was. LaTerryal Savoy would go up and get the ball in double and triple coverage. LaTerryal signed with Michigan (LSU was interested with him as a DB but he wanted to play receiver) and Kendrick, who graduated a year after LaTerryal, moved to WR and signed with Colorado.

    I was discussing this very thing last night at a wedding with their HS coach and he agreed that LT made the QB look much better than he was, at that position.

    College and high school are two very different animals but still.
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    In the long run it may change his status but there are too many factors to tell. It may even help him as young QB's love to lock on to certain WR's and he will get more exposure.

    But with the amount of time invested into practices and workouts such as the Senior Bowl and Indy Combine Byrd will have all the chances he needs.

    I would think ten years ago it would hurt him a lot more than it would today.

    Regarding the route running it wont be a factor if he tests high in certain areas to offset the poor routes -- as those can be taught and 40's cant. I doubt teams will hold it against him since he has little D-1 experience.
  6. Fishhead

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    Excellent analysis. IMHO, Byrd can basically be considered a sophomore, that had an awesome season for a freshman last year. Considering that he came from JC to the SEC...that's basically the way it was. Time in the system (spring practice and fall ball) will only serve to help him in the areas that he has needs.

    As a matter of fact, I recall last season that as the year went on, he seemed to get more comfortable going across the middle. He didn't become DBowe, but he got better...and with his speed, he doesn't HAVE to go across the middle all the time.
  7. red55

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    It all depends on whether Byrd mentally connects with his quarterback. I mean really is on the same page. Hodson was an inexperienced quarterback, but he and Wendell Davis could read each other's minds and burned many a blitz by both seeing a potential opening and switching to it without signalling.

    The informal summer workouts and 7-on-7's can really let a QB and a WR get fine tuned. I hope it happens.
  8. Bandit88

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    The OL will play a large part in all of this as well. A few seconds to make reads and check off could be the difference between a good passing season and a lot of bad passes/interceptions.

    Luckily, we're likely to have one of our better OL years in a while, even considering the two-deep chart.

    (yes, John - I do so love the big uglies, being one myself :grin:)
  9. LSUDeek

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    And LT has all of 1 reception and a near conviction for indecent exposure on his record. Looks like LSU was in the right on this one. :0)
  10. cajdav1

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    Just think about how many players get drafted realy early from some unknown small colleges, you can bet the scouts aren't making their recommendations on the guys number of catches.

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