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    My 9 yr old took another deer yesterday, that makes 5 in 3 yrs.. He took 1 then 6-7 min later I added a doe to the bag. Felt good having him help me load his on the front rack and mine on the back. Then off to the gf's house for some turkey and a roasted ham off of the hog he killed a few weeks ago. 3 deer in 4 days. Stocking the freezer and anticipating the rut.
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    Son, I opened this and quickly read from work and thought a pic was being blocked.

    Oh and put one of the deer and pig too.
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    Had to crop them some. Kept getting a file to large message.
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    Now, the gf? :D

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    that fool aint kiddin ;)
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    image.jpg My son and me with my biggest deer yet. I shot and he "trailed". Rough scored at the processors came to 194 3/4. He said 184 minimum with deductions. Last day of primitive weapon and a neck shot with a .444 did the trick. My best friend Curt helped me get it out. This deer will be known as The Ghost cause I had never seen him
    before. 210 lbs.
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    Most of my friends and family hunt either ducks or deer. I've only been deer hunting twice as a teenager and it consisted of sitting in a blind for hours in near freezing temps with my older cousin. We never saw any deer so maybe that's part of the reason I never got into it.

    My perception of duck hunting is that it's more social and you are typically in a blind with a few other friends. The art of duck calling, training your dog to hunt (or really just watching someone else's dog in action), and other aspects of duck hunting make me want to try it at some point as an adult.

    I struggle with undertanding the allure of deer hunting. Are you usually in a blind by yourself (i.e. unless you are with your kid)? Is it about the adrenaline when you see the deer? Or the time spent with friends before/after the hunt at the camp?

    Or the size of the deer? If so, couldn't I just go to one of those expensive places (like that King of the Hill episode)and have an easy shot at a deer bigger than any that experienced hunters have ever seen?

    One of my dad's friends is really wealthy and big into hunting. He spends most of his time with all of the lease prep work so that his friends are able to enjoy quality deer hunts. I can understand his enjoyment from the hard work because it results in happiness from his friends. I can also understand the bonding that goes on with fathers and sons/daughters. I just struggle with understanding the excitement of the actual hunt. If I were to ever shoot a decent sized deer, I would just feel guilty about him not growing a year older so that another (more serious) hunter could shoot him later (i.e. grow into his full potential of "points" or whatever).
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    The enjoyment of harvesting game that you've studied its habits and patterns. The adrenaline you have when a big buck strolls into view. The tension that builds when a deer shows up. The excitement your child shows after a well placed shot. The look on their face when they find their deer is priceless. Bonding during the hunt and around the fire afterwards. The sense of accomplishment that's felt when the game is put in the freezer and on the table. Passing on a heritage is also important. Knowing that you can go out and harvest game on its on terms is also satisfying. Getting in the woods and doing your homework, to me, beats sitting on a food plot. Serenity. Peace and quiet. Enjoying nature. I duck hunt also. That's more of a socializing endeavor though. You still have to know what, when, and where to do it though. We hunt sloughs, lakes, and rivers mainly. Lots of scouting and 3 am mornings.
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    That's very well said, I went around xmas with my bf and this big ass deer walked out and I almost pissed my nervous, missed my shot and almost cried, the total range of emotions! It was fun though, going again in Jan.
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