Defensive Adjustment

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tigerpub, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. gumborue

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    same as it ever was.
  2. red55

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    This is a very good defense. But the last three games have shown that the prevent defense is too soft. It prevents big plays, but you just can't let top SEC quarterbacks have all the short passes that they want. They will move down the field and score in 28 seconds. But adjustments are always being made in Chavis' defenses. We didn't give them the outside pass that we gave Bama. And in the second half of this game the defense played tighter on the short pass routes and forced Ole Miss to beat us with a 70-yard play if they could.
  3. LSUDad

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    Mills is a TF, Collins is a Red-Shirt Freshman. At times it looks like Reid is trying to cover for these guys, trying to cover all of the field. I like when hes able to more around when looking at the other teams formation, moving up close to the line and letting Martin or Loston play center field.

    Dwayne Thomas was the TF that they thought was gonna be into the mix early, Mills was the shocker. Remember, Mills was the second best CB on his high school team last year, Bryson Echols was the guy that was rated higher, by far. But looking at the Texas stats, he hasn't done anything this year and Mills is 5th on the team in tackles, not too bad for a true freshman. So maybe Les and the coaches know talent and can coach these guys.
  4. KyleK

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    Loco is one of those members who sees negative. Read through the game thread and it is painfully obvious.
  5. vshouse

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    Red Lsu did not play any prevent defense.....against bama they were in a two deep zone, but "soft on the corners....that's not prevent, they were not in prevent against ole miss, our corner's got exsposed for peaking into the backfield and jumping routes.....that's why ole miss kept running double moves and our safeties did not do a very good job of helping out over the top. Lsu does not run the prevent.....unless they are up by a big margin on the last drive or so in the game.
  6. ThePhenom74

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    I think the DL has to step up. We are supposed to have some high first rounders on the DL. For the most part this year Mingo, Montgomery, Freak, and Logan have all been a bit off this year. THe DBs arent nearly as strong as in years past. The talent or experience isnt quite like the past. However the DL has or is suppose to have the talent. If they do a better job at getting to the QB and controlling the LOS then the DBs dont have to cover as much.

    I do think Chavis was pretty late on making adjustments in the Ole Miss game. I was thinking the second half LSU would start to dominate but Ole Miss was moving the ball pretty well throughout the game. Agian I put a lot of that on miss-asignments and on the players. Still, Chavis didnt do a good job either.
  7. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    Yep. To guys like him, everything that can ever go wrong is Miles' fault. But if anything goes right, credit goes elsewhere. It's a painfully stale M.O.
  8. col reb

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    most folks don't know that Wallace is trying to play through a pretty severe shoulder injury. Maybe he just could not go. I don't know....
  9. locoguano

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    No sense in giving each other blow jobs for doing things right... You should always concentrate on the negative, its the only way to improve.
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    Not exactly loco. Improvement does require critical examination of what went wrong and what went right. The important task is to identify both and find ways to capture and enhance the correct action and to determine why and eliminate what went wrong. Just repeating negatives does nothing to correct the mistakes and continual negative feedback has a worse effect on results than constructive criticism.

    Too many here seem to point out ONLY what they see as negative and let it outweigh the obvious positive. You are right continous sunshine pumping has no value but neither does a constant stream of negativity.

    Many, myself included, don't think what LSU is putting out is perfect and agree improvement can be made. However we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. We recognize this is a halcyon era in LSU football and believe Les Miles is the reason why we have stayed there. I believe his positives as a coach and leader greatly outweigh his limitations.

    Finally the simple minded repeated ad homminum attacks are petty and express more about the posters' personality than it does the faults in the LSU program.
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