Did anyone watch College Gameday Final?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUstudent, Nov 2, 2003.

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    last night on ESPN..

    here's a summary from the dumbasses Mark, Trev, and Chris

    Trev: Florida is the best team in the SEC! that's right i said Florida!

    Mark: You say Michigan is the best team after picking MSU to win i'm not letting you get away with this twice in a row.

    Trev: Well, I was all up Georgia's butthole but now that they lost to Florida, logically, Florida is now the best team in the SEC!

    Chris: What about Ole Miss?!? They beat Florida!

    Trev: No, Florida is the best team in the SEC! However, Eli Manning has proved a lot to me lately and they are the best team in the West.

    Mark: What about LSU, you don't think LSU is the best?

    Trev: yeah LSU is the best but Ole Miss is better in the standings. Eli Manning has been an absolute stud this year. He has put himself in a position to win the Heisman. He finally found a way for his teams to win games. He's throwing the ball with a new found confidence.

    towards the end of the show, Chris Fowler mentioned LSU to be in the top 5 basically b/c of "default."

    one positive note:
    Kirk Herbstreit had us at #3 in the nation in his poll and Lee Corso had us at #4.
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    Whether you like it or not, that's how any team that moves its way up the standings from #13 does it...

    They beat teams that are ranked ahead of them (UGA), and then pound teams that are supposed to lay the beatdowns to them (AU), and then we just stay consistent, and hope that our one "hiccup" (UF) doesn't come back to haunt us too badly...

    I will say this...There is no way that USC can stay ahead of us if we win the SEC Title by winning the SECCG...No way. All you need do is look at the final record of the teams that USC and LSU lost to.

    USC lost to Cal (sub-.500)
    LSU lost to UF(Only 3 loss team in the Top 25, beat two Top 10 teams this season).

    Game, set, match to LSU there...

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