Didn't have to work again. :)

Discussion in 'Sportsman's Paradise' started by Fishhead, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Fishhead

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    Went to Biloxi Marsh via Hopedale/BSM this morning with my brother again. Water was excruciatingly low, to the point they only let you use the first backdown, as you'd likely back off the end of the second before your boat was afloat. Tide was literally like .13' range, which is about 2" lol. Anyway, the wind was cold and honking out of the N, but finally switched around to NE, and ANY easterly component will help the tide come up on that side of the MRGO. It came up (VERY SLOWLY) all day, and probably wound up rising 8", judging from the exposed point we were using as our tide guage. The fishing was very slow, but we did manage to boat a two man limit of reds, and released two perfect tourny fish and 3 or 4 others over 24" (we don't keep those), and 3 undersized reds.
    Chicken salad out of chicken shite. I cannot WAIT until we actually get decent conditions in this spot...perhaps Monday? If we ever do, we may devoid the marsh of redfish...

    Box of reds not available to fight again on Monday...


    26 1/4 7.4 lbs, released, available to fight again Monday...


    My brother and a PERFECT tourney redfish, 26 7/8" 8.6 lbs...

  2. Tiger in TX

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    Nice Stringer!

    I miss the solid redfishing in LA. it just isn't the same west of the Sabine.
  3. lsutiga

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    I 'm starting to think you just don't work, period.
  4. Fishhead

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    Hail season upcoming bro. My company didn't get the Hattiesburg storm, which would've been epic for me since I could've lodged for free, eaten at home every night, and know the area like the back of my hand. I have NEVER worked in MS and LA, damnit. Always friggin Chicago, New Jersey, Indiana, or some crap like that. Can't complain much about my 13 months straight in Knoxville though. It's technically the South, and we played Tennessee at their place that season. :)

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