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  1. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    But our Pass D is 3rd in the SEC but we are 11th in the SEC in rush yards given up.....

    I think just shows how bad our Dline/LB's really are.

    What is impressive is that we are 10th in the SEC for passing attempts allowed but 3rd in pass yards/game. Though that might have to do with the fact that anyone can run all over us.
  2. islstl

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    Both Alabama and LSU have statistically very good pass defenses, but the kind of opposition they have gone up against hides the fact that they aren't that strong (Alabama 8th and LSU 32nd nationally).

    When Alabama played A&M and LSU played Georgia, we all saw what happened. LSU would also get embarrassed by some dude named Bo Wallace, leading one to believe that LSU's pass defense is more suspect than Bama's.

    Both teams should be able to pass pretty much at will, but you can still count on a balanced offense from both teams.

    So while I think the score will be high, it won't be in the manner the Bama/A&M game played out or the LSU/Georgia game played out, which was mainly through the air.

    I project both QBs to be under 300, closer to 250, and both teams to surpass the 150 yard mark in rushing, with Bama probably winning that statistical category (200+ and probably north of 300).

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    welter is the goat
  4. islstl

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    when your middle LB is purposely trying to avoid contact by running away from the play or getting easily blocked, you will end up 11th in defending the run

    but he does tend to be the first one there AFTER a tackle is made, other times he goes along for the ride for about 3-5 yards
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  5. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    Donovan Grayson
    Marcus Yanez
    Dorsett Buckels
    Willie Demps
  6. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    None of them dudes averaged anywhere close to the 50-60 snaps Welter is given every game
  7. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    but..but a genius recruited them..
  8. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS Staff Member

    the state of Louisiana has never produced top flight LBs in forever, not sure why that is

    we had to go to Georgia to get a guy like Minter, for example

    our best LB right now is hands down Kwon Alexander, from Alabama

    Riley and Sheppard from the championship team, Georgia
  9. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    I know. Saban could not recruit Georgia while at LSU. His only GA signee was Stan Hixon's son.

    Part of the problem is that some LA. coaches put players who would normally be a natural LBer, at the RB position, IMO.
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  10. Tiger420

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    Why not Beckwith? I know this staff is intent on making a DE, but his talent is strong enough to give him some time at LB even in a game like this. It certainly wouldn't make our LB corp weaker.

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