Do we have problems getting separation b/w our receivers and enemy DBs?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by 2arms2legsTIGER, Sep 29, 2007.

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    It seems like Flynn (more so than Perriloux, at least) is hanging on to the ball forever. Are our receivers not getting enough separation? Is it a WR coaching thing or a talent thing? It's too hard for me to tell from the TV broadcasts b/c of the angles so I really don't know. Are guys like Byrd, LaFell, et al getting separation consistently. Early seems to always get enough to make a catch and run afterward. Is it just me or does LFell fall down a lot... maybe I'm judging him too much on the USCe game... Anyway, I'd like to hear yalls observations b/c like i said, I really can't tell from the TV angles.
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    They are getting separation, MF is just struggling with his accuracy. But when they are covered well, MF holds on to wait for them to get open instead of tucking the ball and taking off. I think it's mainly due to the injury because in the first two games he would take off when the WR were covered. So if MF can't play to his strengths, then RP needs to be in there.

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