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    yunno the holocaust was caused by a defective bunch of germans born arond 1895 that lacked a gene for awareness of jew killing. luckily in america the "greatest generation" was coming along with special powers for freeing europe. and even more importantly a special generation of hardy russians that were so huge in number and also magic genetics that they crushed the nazis from the east. lets define history in terms on bullshit nonsense.
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    I don't give half a shit about what you think, your bias is apparent. Once again you note something about the boomers and suggest this is the worst generation WITH ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON TO EARLIER OR LATER GENERATIONS. This is a meaningless statistic and absurdly poor research.

    And who were the statistically largest population in 2007 . . . the Boomers! And who were in the prime house-buying age in 2007? More people equal more bankruptcies. Your case suffers badly from this kind of flawed analysis. There are many more boomers than other generations and this skews absolute numbers, but you can't see past your very personal bias.

    Well now you have lost all credibility and apparently don't even understand the definition of a Superpower. In fact, the gap between the US and the rest of the Great Powers has widened to the point that some are referring to the US as a Hyperpower. China is a Superpower only in their own ambitions. China has no deep water navy, an obsolete air force, and a completely untested army that has not won a war outside of China in millennia and lost a war with Friggin' Vietnam the last time they fought anybody at all. They have no allies, while we have dozens of very powerful ones. They can't even control their territorial waters. They can't control the sea lanes that they depend on to survive. Guess who does? One single US nuclear attack submarine can control the entire South China Sea! They have no operational aircraft carriers, no stealth aircraft, only a handful of ICBMs that can only reach California. They cannot project their power beyond their borders. They are a paper Tiger.

    Go ahead, cite a source for once, any source at all, that suggests that China is a Superpower. China cannot force a war with the US because they would be bankrupted quicker than you can say Soviet Union. They have no power to cut us off from the credit card without bankrupting themselves, being entirely dependent on international trade. Who controls the seas lanes again? Their government is not stable, their people are not content, they have their own housing bubble, and their population is out of control.

    You bet your ass we are the leading economy. GDP? How about DOUBLE the GDP of China?

    Not a measure of a Superpower. Have you seen how much dependence they have on US dollar trade? Tell me, WHY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE INVESTING THEIR MONEY HERE? Because we are the largest economy, the most stable government, and the unquestioned military power on the planet. Where are the Saudi Trillions invested? That's right, most of it in the USA.

    Amazing. You admit that you are wrong as a talking point!

    Depends on Generation X, I suppose. :D

    Starting with the largest middle class the world has ever seen really helped, didn't it?

    Vietnam was a GG war pure and simple, the Silent Generation and Boomer troops that fought in it did not create it or sustain it properly. The GG was also an extremely racist generation among other failings. The made the greatest sacrifice of all, but they were not infallible nor the best at everything imaginable.

    Even you know that this is BS that you cannot document. The Boomer-dominated computer and telecommunications infrastructure alone puts the lie to this.

    You have not and cannot lay all this at the feet of the boomers as if the GG and GenX don't even exist! As if inflation and credit cards were invented by Boomers. You are grasping at straws to continue your sad characterizations.

    Already done. Do you even read my posts? If not, then I'm wasting my time here. I don't plan to waste much more.
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    your defense is irrelevant. it would be different if we did not have economic metrics to measure such things or if we never kept financial records, but we do. therefore, it is very easy to make such comparisons. Sorry if you cannot see or understand this. Further, if you had read this thread in it's entirety you would also see that I have never placed all blame squarely on the shoulders of the Boomers. This is a fallacy that Red began because he got angry when I made my initial claim that the Boomers were, and are, the most fiscally irresponsible generation in the history of our country. This fact is supported by many different metrics as I have pointed out throughout this post. My claim isn't based on anything more than factual evidence. Boomers have been, as a whole, very financially irresponsible and the proof is in the pudding: Boomers have a record number of bankruptcies, record credit card debt, haven't saved enough for retirement and all of this has bled into their political dealings as well.
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    well in the future i hope the mothers of america do not have the audacity to produce another bunch of people with the same sensibilities. expectng mothers should wait until a date that is safe to have a child and not in between the arbitrary dates you describe
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    Look, I am not going to keep saying the same things over and over again. I have made my case and I have made it well. I have duly noted the accomplishments of the Greatest Generation versus the Boomers. There simply isn't enough historical evidence to compare Boomers to any other surviving generation. You can call my opinion anything you like but you cannot deny the fact that I have based my argument in facts, citing study after study and metric after metric, though you have chosen to totally ignore it. In contrast, you have offered nothing but opinion articles published by other Boomers who are just as angry as you.

    You make statements like, "Now you have lost all credibility...." in an effort to disqualify or minimize what I say, yet you cannot provide factual evidence, as I have done on numerous occasions, to the contrary. Your responses are angry rants that lack cohesion and prove nothing. It is often hard to respond because your arguments are so scattered.

    If you do not understand China's power then you simply do not understand my friend. Economic power is perhaps more potent than Military power. I know what the classic definition of "superpower" is but the fact that you are trying to kill this discussion over semantic details tells me that you are not willing to have this debate on the merits. China is smart and they understand very clearly that they do not need a powerful military to sink us; all they really need is patience. If we continue on the path we are on then they will never need to fire a shot to become more powerful than us because we will self-implode. Further, terrorist groups are attempting to do to us the same thing that the Vikings, Gauls, Visigoths and Vandals did to the Romans....sack them over and over in an effort to cripple their economy. Look what 9/11 did to our economy. If you think the Chinese are interested in a shooting war with us you are sorely mistaken....they are letting others do that. In the mean time they are simply feeding us more rope by loaning us more money and allowing us to hang ourselves.

    Lastly, I have never tried to lay all of this at the feet of the Boomers. I made a statement that the Boomers were the most fiscally irresponsible generation in American History and I stick by that claim. I have tried, on several occasions, to remind you of this but you repeatedly choose to ignore it. I have also been very clear that every generation has their down falls: The Greatest Generation was very a are correct. I am sure that after enough time my own generation will be implicated for it's own failings. That said, Boomers have been more financially irresponsible than any other generation. Sorry that this offends you so deeply but I refuse to back off of something that I know to be true and, more so, that the facts support.

    I too am growing weary of this argument with you and refuse to waste any more of my own time on it. I have often agreed with, and defended, your positions during the course of my time on TF but this is one thing that we will just have to disagree on. I assure you it is nothing personal nor do I consider myself biased against Boomers. I recognize the failings of the GG also and as I have said over and over, my own generation will have our failings too. Understanding what was done wrong and right in the past and learning from those mistakes or victories is why we study history. If we cannot extract those lessons from the sins and/or successes of our fathers and grandfathers then why bother? If my son cannot one day learn from my mistakes then we should all pack it up and go home.
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    And I have made mine and made it better. :D

    Exactly. Your opinions about Boomers are not facts based in evidence.

    And I have pointed out the myriad flaws in your weak evidence.

    Please try to pay better attention to what I write.

    Your ignorance of military geopolitics is not my problem. I listed the reasons why China is a paper Tiger.

    More opinions, not facts based in evidence.

    I have chosen to dispute it, sir, which I have done repeatedly and in detail. You just can't make a blanket statement like that without fair comparisons to every other generation in American History.


    Neither me, amigo. I debate in FSA because I enjoy debate and debaters. If I didn't take you seriously, I would ignore you. My best Buds on TF are the ones I have engaged in heated debates. Ask martin . . . or SabanFan if he ever stops being pissed off at the trolls.
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    well too.

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