Do you wear watches?

Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by LSUMASTERMIND, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    Tmobile has a special plan only available online and at Walmart. 30 unlimited everything except minutes. It's perfect. If I run low on minutes I use google voice and voip call, it's my same number because google voice is my Main number and nobody even knows I am talking to them via wifi and ipad. Paying for lots of minutes is crazy
  2. locoguano

    locoguano You sweat, you die...

    I may go that direction next time. For now I have two phones (mine and my wife's) that were $150 each. I will be staying with Virgin until I feel the cost of the phones has been justified.
  3. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    Yeah thats the problem with my plan is that I paid 600 for my phone. But I save 50 a month over my previous plan so make it back in a year.
  4. mobius481

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    I hate talking on the phone. When the phone rings at my house, I don't even flinch or make an effort at all to answer. I would much rather text everyone but it doesn't work that way in my business. I have a 700 minute per month plan on ATT with two phones and we roll over about 300-400 minutes every month. They give you free mobile to mobile so there are very few instances when you actually use the 700 minute allotment.
  5. Rex_B

    Rex_B Geaux Time

    I always wear a watch. More-so out of habit than wanting to know the time. My daily watch is a Baume and Mercier.
  6. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    Well said, can also be entrapment....
  7. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    Have a Yatchmaster here, looks great, but I usually only wear it when I go out somewhere or get dressed up.....I'd much rather wear my garmin for everyday stuff.....
  8. Cajun Sensation

    Cajun Sensation I'm kind of a big deal Staff Member

  9. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    We, well I should say I don't like straight up a-holes, if you are sort of one but you are funny while you do it that can be different. If a guy looks bored and uninterested, I'll pull the ejection lever so fast I'll go to the rest room and not return and send him a text that my dog died, never had to do it but it seems fun........insecure girls have to convince you of whatever they need confirmation of.

    Just be nice, have something interesting to say, listen to what they have to say, don't play games......"grow up kids" ;)
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  10. martin

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    i know what i am doing. i the most interesting person that ever lived, and i am super polite and and the kindest person ever. to the extent that women think i am mean, they are incorrect, but like i said, that works in my favor. they would hate me if they had any idea how nice i am. and every event i attend with the ladies is a rousing success.i always think things went terribly but i am always wrong nd then i shift to trying to get out of doing anything else because women are terrible and they care about my horoscope.

    when you mention insecure girls....there is another kind?

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