Does anyone remember this 2001 recruit ?

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    EMFINGER 2001 PLAYMAKER: RB Justin Vincent

    September 1, 2001

    Justin Vincent (6-0, 195, 4.33) of Lake Charles Barbe, Louisiana is one of the most impressive offensive threats in the country this year. He rushed for 1,650 yards and scored 24 rushing touchdowns. He also had a grand total of 2,223 yards of total offense, catching passes for another 356 yards and another four scores.

    On film, Vincent is sensational. He is the fastest player on the field in every game that he plays and he uses that speed to run away from defenders. He also is not afraid to run over defenders. In the game that I saw against Acadiana, Vincent scored four touchdowns in the first half on short runs and long runs. He must have had over 300 yards rushing in that game.

    Barbe High School is probably better known for it's sensational baseball program. Their baseball team has won at least three and maybe four 5A State Championships, plus they have the State championship three out of the last four years, including the 2001 Championship. Vincent, who is the fastest person in the high school was on that team, as a designated runner and base stealer and he scored the winning run in the 4-3 State Championship game this year against St Amant.

    The college baseball coaches know where Barbe High School is and can find it by Braille. Although Vincent was a part of the State Championship in baseball, he will, without a doubt, help put the Barbe High School football team on the recruiting map.

    Vincent ran a 4.46 at the recent LSU NIKE camp, but he ran with a slightly pulled groin muscle. He attended the June 3 LSU Summer Camp with the hopes of running in the 4.3's and he nailed a 4.4.

    "Justin and I have talked about college and where he might decide to go, but I want his decision to be entirely up to him," says him mom Lilly Vincent who has done a tremendous job in bringing-up Justin in a one-parent family situation.

    Justin has a 2.6 GPA in the classroom and he made a 16 on his first ACT test. He retook the ACT on June 9.

    Vincent is a very strong running back as he bench presses 325 pounds. He also has an incredible 40-inch vertical jump to his credit. He lists LSU earlier in the summer as his favorite, and he has now given them the Tigers a firm verbal commitment.
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    He sure was a bust. Wonder what ever happened to him???
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    Who is that guy. Never heard of him:D
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    JV could end up being one of the best RB's to ever wear the P&G. That is saying something. He already belongs in the company of guys like Kevin Faulk, Dalton Hilliard, Charles Alexander, Jim Taylor, Art Cantrelle, and Garry James, and he may yet surpass them all.

    When you consider the fact that JV has and will almost certainly continue to split the work at RB with Addai, Broussard and Carey, his statistics are even more impressive.
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    You left out Barrington Edwards...
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    Justin Vincent..... That name rings a bell uhhhhhhhh i know ive heard that name somewhere......its on the tip of my oh i know. He's a LSU Tiger and a National Champion.

    Geaux Tigers
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    I went to the scrimmages in fall (pre-season) practice. In none of them was I ever impressed with Justin Vincent. I didn't think he would ever see the field. Didn't seem to be able to get past the first tackler.

    My how things have changed since those days in mid-August.

    At the time I thought Barrington Edwards was the most impressive frosh............
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    Who is that? Really who is it...
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    I've heard of Justin Vincent, but where did he end up at? FSU, Miami, Florida?

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