double standards

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by col reb, Oct 20, 2010.

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    CUM is probably on the verge of a heart attack or nervous breakdown....He let Cam Newton go because of his troubles......yet reinstated Rainey.....Wonder how much he wishes Newton was back?
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    he would probably give both daughters to the AD at Auburn and let him use his right of primae noctis for Cam Newton back.
  3. aztiger

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    Meyer uses people for what he needs. He did not think he needed Cam when he let him go. He kicked Rainey off because he thought he would be ok without him, now he sees he needs him so reinstated. If they had won the last two and made some plays on offense this sorry POS would still not be on the team.
    Meyer is the worst POS hypocrite in the game. He deserves every bad thing that comes his way, and if there is such a thing as Karma....he is done! He is exactly like the preacher saying one thing at the church, then getting caught at the whorehouse (or worst) the next day. I hate him worst than anyone in all of sports.........and that is saying something.
  4. cadillacattack

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    If by "letting Cam go" you mean that Meyer buried Newton on his depth chart to force him into leaving the team, .... you might be correct. But I suspect that no D-1 coach is that ignorant ..... especially one as shrewd as Meyer.

    Newton transferred when Tebow announced he was returning following thier MNC run. That wasn't necessarily the issue .... it was when meyer subsequently announced - prior to spring competition - that Tebow would start and John Brantley would be the backup. That put Newton 3rd on a depth chart that didn't even allow the backup to get snaps.

    Newton was right to transfer .... the only surprise is that he went the JuCo route.


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