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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TUSKtimes, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. tzanghi

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    I refuse to believe that if I were a neutral or even a 'Bama fan that I would think the 2011 'Bama defense was the best of all time. I still think Kirkpatrick is one of the biggest frauds of the last decade.
  2. tzanghi

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    I wasn't trying to say that they're they best D of all time. They were just the first team that popped into my head that I knew was better than last year's Bama defense. I know a player's making it to the pros says nothing about how good they were in college and vice versa. To be honest, I don't think I'm qualified to make a statement about the best defense of all time in college football because I haven't been around long enough to see many.
  3. TerryP

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    I'd disagree with your opinion on fraud and Kirkpatrick and that's not just because I'm a fan of the Tide.

    When you have offenses avoid throwing in your direction there's a reason.

    He was picked on a lot when he was playing as a frosh and sophomore. That said, if I recall correctly, the last time a pass went for a TD against him was Florida in 2011.

    Offenses this season attacked two areas of the Bama secondary. The safety playing the Star position up until that personnel group was shifted and the RCB Belue. The vast majority of the time it was the safety.
  4. tzanghi

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    People couldn't throw on Kirkpatrick because QBs didn't have the time against the pass rush and blitz. Courtney Upshaw was one of the best pass rushers in the country last year. The front 7 was legit, and he reaped the benefits of it. He would occasionally make a big hit on a small running back who was catching the ball just past the line of scrimmage running sideways, and he wouldn't even wrap. Look at the schedule after Florida, anyway; the only decent QB you played after Florida was Tyler Bray. This year, you guys do have other problems in defending the passing game, but I was just focused on Kirkpatrick.
  5. TerryP

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    Having Upshaw certainly helped the secondary. Alabama certainly didn't have the same pressure guys this year as last but you didn't see Kirkpatrick getting beaten often.

    When teams did have success passing last season, they went in DeQuan Menzie's direction. He was in the same situation as Belue when it came to experience against SEC defenses—first year.

    I suspect you'll see passing attacks going after the new corner against next season. There are a handful of guys that really need for their game to grow up on the next seven months.
  6. TUSKtimes

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    Some more SEC early entries to declare:

    Tyler Bray - QB - Tennessee, Never has an SEC quarterback done less with more. Was looking forward to the bray-spread. If it wasn't for the 'P' word and the NFL, I smell a free agent.
    Cordarrelle Patterson - WR - Tennessee
    Brad Wing - Punter - LSU.
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    I heard Saban's declaring early for the NFL.......;)
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    Much too late to call him a Junior.
  9. b_leblanc

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    If you go simply off his stature, he's still a toddler.
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    :eek: !!!!!!

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