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    I know the Tigers' effort disappointed some, but there were still many Tigers making good plays. Here's a few I remember:

    Chad Lavalais put a hit on Suggs, and I doubt Suggs will ever be hit harder.

    Marquise Hill was making plays on the DL. Bradie James was all over the place at LB, he played his heart out.

    Joseph Addai had a GREAT short 5 yard run. It might have been the most inspired effort by a Tiger player all day.

    I think it was Adrian Mayes who put a huge hit on someone on either the opening kickoff, or on the first punt cover.

    Dom Davis' PR for a TD was FANTASTIC, and it's a shame the ref threw that flag because the Tech player who the ref said was blocked low had no chance whatsoever to make a play (Davis was well past him on the sideline when the flag was thrown). If LSU gets that TD, it quiets the crowd, and with another defensive stop, it could have been a very different ballgame.

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