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    It looks like the Republicans have about 49 Senate seats secured headed into the 2022 election and the Dems have 47, which leaves four toss up races to determine the balance of the Senate. Those four races are Kelly(D) vs. Doucey(R) in AZ, where it looks like Kelly has a slight lead of 2-3 points; Warnock(D) vs. Walker(R) in GA, where it looks like Walker is currently polling a few points ahead; Feterman(D) vs. Oz(R) in PA to fill Pat Toomey's seat because he is retiring where Feterman seems to be a few points ahead in polling; Cortez Masto(D) vs. Lexalt(R) in NV where the polling has been about even but all of the polls are old. Honestly, it's still much to early to rely on polling but if I were a betting man right now I'd lay odds on Democrats winning three out of those four to leave the Senate tied at 50-50 with Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. Still a long way to go and much will depend upon the state of things on election day.

    For the House I fully expect the Republicans to retake it. I don't how long this has held true but most of the time the President's party does not retain control of the House after their first two years. Ask Obama and Trump about it. That said, it appears that Democrats have started more extreme gerrymandering to counter the same tactic from Republicans so I expect that they will gain 20-25 seats and hold a similar majority as what the Dems have now.
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    I'm in a new US Congressional district. Look how kickass it looks now! It was way better than the boring previous one that looks almost like it is a box that includes everything in it. The new one has imagination. I am voting with people in Sulfur Springs (70 miles away) but with no one in between. It is like a Dallas suburb and a small East Texas town have everything in common. That is the kind of imagination we need.

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    Elon Musk buying Twitter six months before the next election will definitely change the landscape of online political discourse.

    The Democrats’s greatest weapon is now owned by the lord of memes. Let the shitposting commence!
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    Can we have a countdown until the Orange man gets his account back?
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    What we can and will have is a massive "covid" outbreak. I don't need to see "the movie" because I knew from the start. Now that the cat is out of the bag the left has to do something to cheat again

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