End of Kevin Mawae's career

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu99, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Yesterday on a Houston sports radio show, a former NFL player made a comment about how NFL GMs avoid signing free agents that are active with the NFLPA when possible.

    He mentioned Mawae and said that he was still playing very good football but nobody gave him an offer because of his role with the NFLPA. The lockout added to his particular case of being blackballed.

    I just looked at Mawae's wikipedia page briefly and it mentioned that Mawae believed his role contributed to his early retirement. If true, it's kind of a shame that NFL politics shortened the lengthy career of an all-time great LSU Tiger.
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    Just like my grandma used to say, "Politics are a mothafucker, brah."
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    I heard that same discussion too. That's the other side of being so actively involved and vocal in a labor union. It doesn't endear you to employers. He's a very intelligent man, he had to be aware of that when he made his choices.
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    Kevin was at the Bash today, he and I got to talk a little of the old days. I reminded him that in the old days, he and Gabe Northern use to jaw at each other during practice.
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    ask him about shawn king
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    I wonder who Kevin would say was the nastiest nose guard he'd ever had the chance of competing against.
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    For years Kevin was known as one of the nastiest players in the NFL, they vote every on this.

    I also got time to speak with Todd McClure, I told him the Falcons are still missing him.

    When both of these guys left the NFL, they were still in the tops at their positions.

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