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    Who cares what ESPN says or thinks. They are entertainers, not real analysts. Trev Albert & Mark May must have rubber necks the way they spin them around from week to week. One week they say LSU is a pretender, then the next week they say LSU is a contender. Where they send Lee Corso & company each Saturday for Game Day is the entertainment part of ther show. Where they send Ron Franklin & Mike Gottfried each week for the Saturday night game is where they know the real football is each week.

    So the ESPN people who are not in entertainment but really know their football direct the games they feature. How many times you seen LSU - or any other SEC game for that matter on ESPN Saturday night? How many times you seen USC or any West Coast team on ESPN Saturday night? Think about it, if CBS would not have picked up several LSU games - ESPN would have had LSU in 7 or 8 of their Saturday night games.

    When I get ready for the game Sunday night - I won't be watching ESPN Game Day. I will be listening to Doug Moreau, Jordy Holtberg and the Tiger pregame show.

    The way I see it, late Sunday night the ESPN clowns will be ranting and raving about LSU - saying they have been saying all year that LSU was the true champions. But they will wake up Monday and still be nothing but clowns. But we will still be Tigers as we were many years before ESPN was even a network.
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    I'm surprised that they haven't broken some ankles over at ESPN headquarters with all the bandwagon jumping.

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