ESPN's take on LSU's qb situation

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by GMoney2600, Mar 9, 2004.

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    Uhh... I certainly DO think that replacing Clayton and Henderson will be very hard to do. We as fans have taken Michael Clayton for granted. Sure these freshman coming in may eventually get to be as good as Clayton, but right now they will be nowhere near the complete football player that Clayton became while at LSU.

    Remember, he was also a nationally ranked WR when he came here, and he had 3 years of practices and playing time to improve. He should be a first round pick in the upcoming draft. That definitely can't be said about Doucet or Carter, for if it could be they would be turning pro.

    These guys will be replacing him at a position but they will not be able to replace the array of skills that Clayton had, atleast in year 1.
  2. cajdav1

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    Clayton's WR exploits are only a small part of what we have to replace with him, character may be the most important thing.
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    As much as I like Clayton, I think he is replaceable. We have some talent and depth at WR and someone will step up and fill his shoes.

    The unreplaceable one is Lavalais. Totally dominating consensus All-Americans don't come along very often.
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    yeah, maybe not in year 1, but they might later on through the years, be as good as Clayton or better. Yes, Clayton was an awesome player and would be the difference between we win or lose, but like I said, we have some very good players coming in. To me, Doucet will be the next Clayton. The guy has the moves, the skill, the speed, the hands, everything you need in a WR. I see what you're saying though, no one can replace Michael Clayton.

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