Even w/loss, LSU in good shape for NCAAs

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by jmt4lsu, Mar 7, 2004.

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    It would seem that even with the second round loss in the conference tourney (to eventual champions Vandy), the Lady Tigers are in good shape for seeding in the NCAA Tourney with our strength of schedule and RPI. Following is a compilation (credit Volupt. from the Summit post) of the Top 20 RPI teams against Top 50 RPI teams. LSU trails only Tenn. & Penn St.:

    1. Tennessee 23 games against Top 50 RPIs.
    2. Penn State: 18
    3. Texas: 16
    4. Duke: 11
    5. Purdue: 14
    6. Connecticut: 11
    7. Houston: 10
    8. Kansas State: 11
    9. LSU: 17
    10. Texas Tech: 13
    11. TCU: 10
    12. Vanderbilt: 15
    13. Colorado: 12
    14. Georgia: 15
    15. Florida: 15
    16. Michigan State: 11
    17. Oklahoma: 11
    18. Villanova: 7
    19. Stanford: 9
    20. Baylor: 12

    Here's hoping the selection committee is fair and just this year.

    GEAUX Lady Tigers!!! All the way to New Orleans & Final 4!!!
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    I'm concerned about this team's mental toughness. We have the physical tools to go to a Final Four, but do we have the toughness, the killer instinct, the never-say-die attitude. Judging from our seven losses, it seems like all you have to do to beat the Lady Tigers is get up on them by 15 early in the game and just watch 'em fold.

    Watch out for La. Tech getting put in our sub-regional. If the Selection committee lowballs them as they usually do, they will be a 5 seed and we will be a 4, meeting up in Baton Rouge. We have home-court, but Tech is tough this year and they are upset about losing to us in the Tournament last year. A dangerous draw for us, no doubt.

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