Excuse me? Pelosi or Frost???

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Mr. Wonderful, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Nancy Pelosi, a maried white woman. Marty Frost, a married white male (albeit a Jewish male). These are the two leading candidates to the lead the Dems in the US House? Let me assure you that it was not for married white men and women that carried Dems to the few, very few victories they enjoyed Tuesday night. It was not because of a low turnout from those groups that Dems were so thorough thrashed Tuesday night.
    The same with white man Terry McAullfie. How long can Dems play this tragic game of having married white people as their standard bearers whether in legislative leadership positions, DNC Chairmanships or "Top-of-the-ticket" candidates. If not for the solid negro vote, the Dems would have about 8 Senate seats and 100 House Seats. Yet, Pelosi and Frost are the top two choices for Minority Leader? How about Jesse Jackson, Jr? How about Maxine Waters? How about Shelia Jackson-Lee? How about Judiciary whiz John Conyers? How about putting in THE (rather than "a") leadership position a negro? What a fraud and injustice the Dems are perpetuating on the American people and the negro!
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