Favorite Reagan joke/ Soviets, atheists & taters

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    "It reminds me of the story -- I happen to collect stories that the Soviet people are telling each other, the Russian people. It indicates their cynicism with their own system. This is a story of a commissar who visited one of their collective farms, and he stopped the first farmer, workman that he met, and he asked about life on the farm. And the man said, ``It's wonderful. I've never heard anyone complain about anything since I've been here.'' And the commissar then said, ``Well, what about the crops?'' ``Oh,'' he said, ``the crops are wonderful.'' ``What about the potatoes?'' ``Oi, sir,'' he said, ``the potatoes,'' he said, ``there are so many that if we put them in one pile they would touch the foot of God.'' And the commissar said, ``Just a minute. In the Soviet Union there is no God.'' And the farmer said, ``Well, there are no potatoes either.'' [Laughter]" Ronald Reagan.

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