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Discussion in 'Sportsman's Paradise' started by jvalhenson, May 10, 2014.

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    This section needs more action so I'm gonna post some MS reports in here see if it will get going some. Come on y'all are in the best saltwater fishing area of the world I know more of y'all are bound to hunt and fish than what gets posted here. Anyways....After it looked like the weather cleared out enough decided to look for flounder This afternoon. Grabbed some bull minnows and with the wind had to stay very protected again. only managed 2 flounder but did get a few specs and reds. Wound up with 13 specs biggest going 26 inches and 3 reds from 28-29 inches. In MS the slot is 18-30 1 over 30. Biggest spec right at 6lbs.
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  2. lsutiga

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    I actually don't fish saltwater and don't care to. Nice pics though- looks like another good outing for you.
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    Ha yea i dont quit get that either but to each his own. Nah I like fishing fresh water too but not near as much especially bc if I am not gonna eat it I really dont care to catch it. So my fresh water is pretty much just white perch, bream and catfish with the kids with an occasional bass trip mixed in but all that is rare for me....vast majority is salt....just nothing in fresh water that eats as good as the saltwater fish except the panfish and frogs IMO. Past few trips have been dedicated to getting a pile of white trout and ground mullet for a big fish fry coming up. Hasnt been wide open but getting em pretty steady 50-100 at a time. Took about 3 trips but think I have plenty for it now without dipping into my reserves any. Only took a pic of a box from 1 of the trips but all three looked about the same.
    white trout ground mullet 2.JPG
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    Nice! Man, I miss being right on the coast. I am in Bogalusa now and with my work and family schedule, it just doesn't really allow much time at all to fish. On a plus note, I have a small (1 acre) lake in my front yard. I am the only person who fishes it at all. This morning I walked out before I got ready for work. 9 casts, 3 bass. They are small (about 1 pound) because there are too many in there, so I am eating fish a couple times a week out of it. I didn't even keep the ones this morning, just had 15 minutes to kill. Tomorrow when I get ready to fry a few fish I'll walk down and make a few casts.

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