Final Projected Coaches Poll (in flux)

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    3 more games to go, but I'll project it without the games being played, so you can see where LSU will end up.

    1. FSU (vs Auburn)
    2. Auburn (vs FSU)
    3. Michigan State
    4. Ohio State (vs Clemson)
    5. Oklahoma
    6. South Carolina
    7. Alabama
    8. Missouri (vs Oklahoma State)
    9. Oregon
    10. Clemson (vs Ohio State)
    11. Oklahoma State (vs Missouri)
    12. UCF
    13. Stanford
    14. LSU
    15. Baylor

    I think we'll finish as high as #11 (if we jump Stanford) and as low as #14 (if we can't jump Baylor and Clemson beats Ohio State). I have a hard time believing that UCF would stay behind LSU, so a top 10 is probably out of the question. South Carolina losing to Wisconsin and/or Oregon losing to Texas was probably our only shot at that happening.

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