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Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by mctiger, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. CajunlostinCali

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    KISS in the early years were a huge part of BIG arena show days. Their songs were secondary to the act and what they have become since is plug and play opinions. Wanna be buried in a KISS coffin, pony up but the early-mid-70's were owned by the kiss machine.

    Maiden IMO, was a shell of itself from the original Paul Dianno days. Bruce Dickinson was cool at first but evolved into the pillow biting window licker he is today.

    Rush gets their merit from a pure technical standpoint. Seriously, they did more with less as a 3 man band. Neil Peart is arguably one of the best drummers still alive and almost ever. No top 10 list is valid without him in it.

    Geddy lee...if you just listen to the bass line he IS the bass humping your face. Alex Lifeson...

    Serious, HOF material whether you dig em or not.
  2. shane0911

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    Dude, that is one off the wall opinion. It is as you say "yours". I was never a real big Dianno fan, always liked Bruce better. Just like Floyd, Waters can't hold Gilmores mic stand.
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  3. martin

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    Bruce Dickinson is the shit.

    Ruuunnnn to the hilllllllls
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  4. martin

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    for the record, the best modern band is coheed and cambria:

  5. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    followed closely by the mars volta:

  6. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Muse is good, Radiohead, I love Massive Attack, and Portishead, MGMT is solid, Arcade Fire is solid, HaHa Tonka is really good also.
  7. TigerTap


    I agree on Di'Anno completely. Maiden was a punk heavy metal, on first 2 albums, Iron Maiden & Killers. That's what made them in the U.S. songs like Wrathchild, Prowler, Murders in the Rue Morgue, etc. Then Dickinson, 3 octaves higher. Guess it's a personal preference, but there would be No Maiden without Di'Anno.

    Congrats to Rush, well deserved!
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  8. fanatic

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    This is sorta true, but with all due respect to Iron Maiden and Killers (which are great albums in their own right) the best Maiden albums to date are Piece of Mind, Number of the Beast, and Powerslave. Not really that big a fan of the newer stuff. In fact, on their tour last year, I read somewhere that fans nearly revolted because they hardly played any of their classic tunes; going instead with the new stuff. This year, they released their set list ahead of their tour, complete with alot of old stuff, but did say next year's tour would again be mostly their newer music.

    Besides, every true Maiden fan knows that Steve Harris is the heart and soul of the band, not whoever they decide they want as the lead singer.
  9. CajunlostinCali

    CajunlostinCali The Bionic Burro

    My bias against Dickinson was his inability to evolve as songwriter. First two LP's with Bruce were great and a welcome replacement for Dianno but the songs continued without change. It was entirely too much fantasy and every song began to sound like 7th son of a 7th son. It was like rinse and repeat. It seemed like Bruce always used history to write songs. Not important IMO, but lacking originality.

    That and the countless times Bruce shut down a show because he smelled marijuana in the crowd. Seriously, WTF is that? Entirely too much of that pompous British attitude that does not belong on a world stage.
  10. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    That's a new one on me. I've never heard that before. Extremely lame..

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