First Pics from NCAA 2005

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    Playing home will mean alot more this time, especially in rival games. In one of the screenshots, it shows Michigan playing at Ohio State, and Michigan has the ball. They are all at the line of scrimmage, but it shows the wide receivers facing the QB with his hands up in confusion cuz he cant hear him. It will also be harder to make a 4th quarter drive on the road. Rivalries have a big impact on the players. There will also be custom celebrations like the Florida Gator chomp. NCAA 2005 also allows you to take advantage of mismatches with receivers using the right analog stick, so you can match up your tall receiver with their short cornerback. The other pic is 2 players with the gatorade bucket about to give the coach a shower. The pics show updated helmets. The graphics look the same, and they say the release date is July 1

    And still an EMPTY SIDELINE!

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