Florida Game Time - Does anyone have a link to the rules for how the games are picked

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUBud, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Does anyone have a link which explains how the networks pick the TV games.

    I've always thought that CBS gets first pick for the 2:30 slot, followed by ESPN @ 6:30, followed by ESPN @ 8:00, followed by J.P. (CBS) @ 11:30.

    But, when asked about the Florida game, someone on the Lair posted the following:

    "this is one of the 2 times cbs can take its exception and
    choose 6 days before. UGA and UT play that day as well.
    CBS gets first pick @ 230...then normally it would be ESPN
    6:45, but espn is already locked into airing the wisconsin-
    ohio st game, so the next pick would be JP @ 11:30, unless
    ESPN still gets to choose one for espn2 since UGA-UT is
    almost always a CBS game no matter what, if ESPN "forfeits
    its pick bc of the wisc-osu game, the florida-lsu game may
    very well be at 11:30."

    I don't really follow this. Why would ESPN "forfeit" its pick?

    Can anyone illuminate this explanation?

    Is there a link which explains how this is done? I've done a Yahoo search but came up with zilch.
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    If you understand that then you probably also understand the NFL's salary cap rules.

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