For Recruits Considering LSU

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    1. We have the best Academic Center the country.

    2. Our Athletic facilities are one of the finest in the nation.

    3. We sell out our 91 thousand seat stadium every game.

    4. Our program is honest and clean.

    5. There is no finer place to play football anywhere in the country than in Tiger Stadium on Saturday nights. It's awesome. (just ask the opposing coaches what they think about coming to Deaf Valley)

    6. We have a legitimate shot at winning the National Championship in 2005.

    7. We have a history of producing College All-Americans and All-Pro NFL players.

    8. The whole state loves this team like no other in the United States.

    Come be a part of history and make history. You will never in your entire life regret your decision to play football at LSU.

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