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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by roygu, Feb 26, 2003.

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    Aug 29, 2001
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    Francionne has received a lot of criticism for leaving Bama after having a successful season. He jumped out of the probation riddled Bama program just as the NCAA hammer fell and headed to Texas A&M.
    Maybe he had an eye on the LSU basketball program and realized how quickly he would go from hero to goat once the effects of probation set in.

    If John Brady had been as shrewed as Francionne, after the SEC Championship, he would have looked around for a greener pasture. I'm sure other schools would have found his success at LSU appealing. Fortunatley or unfortunately, depending on how a fan feels about Brady, he grew up and LSU fan and has his dream job. When asked, last year, if he had known the probation would have been as serious as it turned out, would he still have taken the job. He answered, of course, and reiterated LSU has always been the job that he wanted.
  2. good points
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    Oct 23, 2001
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    I think brady as done an ok job and deserves another year. I wish he would schedule better. I mean this team just got off probationa dn everybody is acting like he should be going to the final four. I mean give him a chance.
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    Jan 11, 2002
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    I think Brady has done a great Job

    Brady still does not have any depth and we really do not have that great scorer on the team. I believe Tack Minor will be that guy next year and with Bass coming in with the guys we have this year on the inside next year we will contend for the SEC and in 2 years LSU will be back to the glory days.
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    Found this on another message board about Brady. He blames the problems with Brady homself and says he should not use the fact we were on probation as an excuse why we were so bad. Personally I think what this guy says is pure B.S but judge for yourself.

    "I believe that probation against LSU's basketball team and it's
    perceived effects are somewhat overblown by some on this
    board. LSU has been elligible for SEC post season play for at
    least the last 4 seasons, LSU has been elligible for SEC Titles
    for at least the last 4 seasons, LSU has been elligible for
    NCAA/NIT play for at least the last 4 seasons, and LSU has
    been allowed to play games on TV for most if not all of the
    probation period. Yes, LSU was restricted in recruiting by the
    NCAA but why would a recruit use LSU's probation as an
    excuse to not come to LSU when LSU was elligible for TV,
    SEC play, and NCAA play? I find that reasoning hard to
    believe because, if anything, a reduced roster would benefit
    players who are looking for early playing time,etc. I also think
    that Brady made too many poor choices regarding his recruits
    over the last 4-5 years. I often wondered how Brady could
    continually use the probation as an
    excuse but would then recruit players that he KNEW weren't
    going to be here for more than a year or two. It makes no
    sense when you have reduced scholarships to go out and
    recruit JUCO kids who have only 2 years left to play. For any
    coach to recruit (a)players with character questions,
    (b)players with grade issues, or (c)JUCO players, while
    knowing that he has little room for error is simply poor
    judgement. How anyone can justify Brady's recruiting failures
    by attempting to place blame simply on the basketball
    probation, is denying the obvious lack of good judgement by
    John Brady. In other words, in the area where probation truly
    restricted LSU, Brady's performance was lacking."
    From Tiger Town

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