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    Jan 31, 2007
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    What is going on in my hometown, there hasn't been anyone play football in college, much less LSU. Now all of a sudden there's Curtis and his 2 brothers, but yet the best to come may be freshman running back Terrance Magee (750+yds 8tds) in 6 games doesn't get all the carries.
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    Jan 28, 2004
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    You think that's weird? I live in Denver now (Katrina blew us all the way up here). I am driving down the road yesterday channel surfing and a song comes on the radio, "The Bogalusa Boogie Man". It was hilarious!

    Home is where the heart is. I went to Varnado High, which is a "suburb" of Bogalusa. When we went to town, we cruised around the sonic in Bogalusa for hours. I spent a lot of time in Franklinton, too.

    When I went to LSU I had classes with Rogie Magee (a reciever out of Bogalusa). Michael Brooks and Toby Caston were also in some of my classes. Brooks had a great sense of humor, I can still remember him laughing at my class clown jokes.

    LSU 42, KY 17
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    How funny.... I teach at Bogalusa High School (I graduated from BHS in 86), live about two miles from Varnado. And am getting ready for the Washington Parish Free Fair this week. I spent all day yesterday in Franklinton at the Fair grounds. small world


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