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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by JSracing, Oct 1, 2004.

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    KERRY: The president just talked about Iraq as a center of the war on terror. Iraq was not even close to the center of the war on terror before the president invaded it.

    The president made the judgment to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress even approved it to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq.

    Divert? Divert?? :dis: does he know Tommy Franks personally? :dis:
    What excatly are we diverting? Who should we leave in Afganistan now that the skirmish there is over? is Osama standing on a Rock in Afgan hollering, " nanny nanny boo boo ya'll cant get me, unless kerry sends troops here? " :confused: Kerry is not only stupid he thinks we are too!

    And he rushed the war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace. Now, that is not the judgment that a president of the United States ought to make. You don't take America to war unless have the plan to win the peace. You don't send troops to war without the body armor that they need.

    Body armor? body armor? WTF? :dis:

    I've met kids in Ohio, parents in Wisconsin places, Iowa, where they're going out on the Internet to get the state-of-the-art body gear to send to their kids. Some of them got them for a birthday present.

    where did this Bs come from? he's meet parents in places? state of the art? ooooo kaaaaayy :dis:

    I think that's wrong. Humvees -- 10,000 out of 12,000 Humvees that are over there aren't armored. And you go visit some of those kids in the hospitals today who were maimed because they don't have the armament.
    isn't this the guy that voted NOT to appropriate funds for our military? :confused: this dude is a space cadet. :lol:

    This president just -- I don't know if he sees what's really happened on there. But it's getting worse by the day. More soldiers killed in June than before. More in July than June. More in August than July. More in September than in August.

    I bet his next line was gonna be more in oct than Sept but he realized Oct isn't over yet. This war is very low in casualty count, and every dahm one of them are heroes. :911:

    And now we see beheadings. And we got weapons of mass destruction crossing the border every single day, and they're blowing people up. And we don't have enough troops there."

    we see beheadings? where has he been? they've been doing this for years, Muslim extremists do this. The attention is just focused on us now. naturally they kidnap the unarmed, they can't be head our military. Exactly how would he stop these?

    and Wait did he say WMD??? OMG I thought they didn't exist. My hearing aid must be out I thought he said WMD? What WMD ? where? you said there weren't any?? where are they??????

    OHHHHH We don't have enough troops there? hey aren't you the guy that voted the senate appropriations bill to fund the military down? who you gonna send? The Rock? Stone Cold?? come one dude you said we were outta there in 6 months?

    This guy doesn't flip flop, he never has, he is the same old liberal piece of sh1t he's always been. he is just LYING and riding his bicycle as fast as he can towards the center!
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    don't mess with texas
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    But the war was a mistake, but they aren't gonna die for a mistake. John Kerry is going to get France and Germany to bring their soldiers to Iraq to fight for a mistake. Because we need the whole world to fight terrorism, but Iraq was mistake. Iraq is a haven for terrorists and they are flooding over the borders, but Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with the War on Terror, and was a mistake. ::Kerry logic:: :dis:

    And lets not forget 17 Resolutions and sanctions later we should still try and get rid of of Saddam diplomatically with our allies, but 5 years of bi-lateral talks with North Korea worked so well, that they got nuclear weapons, lets try that again. Lets not let the countries in the region help. No wait lets do both. :confused:

    Kerry may have won on style, but reading the transcript Bush was the winner.
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    Wheres Al Gore when you need him?
    Anybody would've been better than Kerry.

    He has no clue about anything other than his circle.
    They made he and his wife stop at Wendys to get a bite to eat on the campaign trail
    and they had no clue of what to order because they had never been to a Wendys before.

    Dumbocrats get a clue!
    Do any of you drive a SUV and fly around on your own planes?

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