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    Top of the fold: Kerry-Edwards -- The "one went to war -- one
    grew up poor" dream ticket...

    Well, a nightmare, perhaps...

    No sooner had John Kerry's veep advances been spurned for the
    umpteenth time by his sweetheart, John McCain, than he announced
    Plan B: Erstwhile trial lawyer John Edwards would instead join
    the Demo ticket. Of course, it only took a New York second for
    Edwards' opponents to launch their criticism. "In

    the Senate four years -- and that is the full extent of public life
    -- no international experience, no military experience.... The
    American people want an experienced hand at the helm of state.
    This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House
    on national-security issues. ... I think that the world is looking
    for leadership that is tested and sure."

    Hard-hitting criticism, to say the least, but that's just what
    Kerry had to say about Edwards prior to tapping him for the bottom
    of his ticket.

    So, just who is John Edwards, and why is the man who selected
    him so skeptical about his ability to lead?

    As has already been made clear by Demo strategists adhering to
    their "divide and conquer" class-warfare play-book, Edwards grew
    up POOR -- in stark contrast to John Kerry. Edwards' father was
    a mill worker -- an honest job, in stark contrast to his son,
    a trial lawyer who made his millions suing doctors. Indeed,
    John Edwards pocketed millions by parading cerebral-palsy babies
    before emotional juries and winning massive "negligence" awards
    against obstetricians. Here, the Edwards legacy is an onerous
    one: Obstetricians, afraid for their professional lives, are
    now performing four times as many dangerous Caesarean sections
    as in previous decades -- this despite an utterly dubious link
    between natural childbirth and cerebral palsy. What's more, the
    cost of malpractice insurance for obstetricians has gone through
    the roof, while the number of obstetricians has, understandably,
    gone through the floor. (The American Medical Association lists
    20 states that now have critical shortages of obstetricians.)

    Through it all, POOR John played his drama parts well, socking away
    30% of those multi-million dollar awards. Of course, he picked
    his cases carefully, turning away the families of children who
    died in childbirth because living "CP" babies reap much higher
    awards. (For the record, it is worth noting that most cases of
    fetal-brain injury occur long before labor begins -- but that
    inconvenient fact never seemed to deter Edwards.)

    Who pays for POOR John's luxury accommodations and motor
    vehicles? You do, of course. The cost of such litigation adds
    about five percent to the cost of all products and services --
    in effect, a hidden tax of about $3,200 on the average household.

    But we digress. The question was: Who is this POOR John, and why
    is his running mate so skeptical about his ability to lead?

    If you want the long answer, link to the Internet's most
    comprehensive resource on Kerry and Edwards:
    or (That's right, seasoned readers
    of this column know that The Patriot tagged the Kerry-Edwards
    ticket long ago. Indeed, as noted in The Washington Post this week,

    we purchased the aforementioned domains in order to develop a
    strong web presence -- a presence dedicated to telling folks the
    truth about John Kerry.)

    As for the short answer, Edwards' only presidential resume
    builder is that he's a first-term senator. Having spent much
    of his professional life making money on human misery, POOR
    John has held no other elected office, and his Senate campaign
    was funded mostly by fellow trial lawyers. (And, boy, did they
    ever get their money's worth! Edwards has devoted most of his
    short tenure in the Senate to blocking any measures aimed at
    tort reform.) Perhaps most telling about his effectiveness as a
    legislator is this little statistic: Of the 74 bills he sponsored,
    not a single one has emerged from committee for a floor vote. The
    same is true for most of his amendments and resolutions.)

    Kerry's aforementioned reservations about Edwards notwithstanding,
    he changed his tune this past Tuesday morning when announcing his
    pick. Kerry, who can flip-flop faster than a professional pancake
    maker, chortled, "I want you to know we think this is a dream
    ticket. We've got better vision. We've got better ideas. We've
    got real plans. We've got a better sense of what's happening to
    America. And we've got better hair." We'll certainly cede him
    that. Kerry, ever a man of the people, spends some $150 for a
    hair cut at DC's hoity-toity Cristophe Salon. As for John Edwards,
    well, he actually looks like a Breck Girl.

    Yet despite their glorious coiffures, Kerry can't be giddy
    about Edwards' anti-growth (read: anti-jobs) voting record,
    or his anti-military voting record, or his anti-family voting
    record, or his anti-tax-cut voting record. In these respects,
    Edwards does anything but "balance" the Kerry ticket. To the
    contrary, his populist rural Southern gentlemanly facade simply
    doesn't square with his hard-Left Senate voting record. In fact,
    the non-partisan National Journal, which has been rating voting
    records for a long time, puts Edwards a close fourth behind Kerry,
    who is rated the most Left-voting member of the Senate. Without
    question, then, this is the most liberal major-party ticket in
    American history -- a ticket that outflanks even Mondale-Ferraro.

    So what can Edwards realistically deliver to the Kerry ticket? Did
    we mention he grew up POOR?

    Financial footnote: On the subject of poverty, John Kerry,
    already the wealthiest member of Congress, is really raking in
    the bucks. Campaign Kerry has dwarfed the Bush campaign's cash
    intake this year, reporting more than $175 million in donations --
    much of it from his Left elite cadre of Hollywonk glitterati. In
    addition to all the free Leftmedia advertising, Kerry also gets
    a bounce from America-hating fiction films like Michael Moore's
    Fahrenheit 9/11.

    Quote of the week...

    "It solidifies the fact that John Kerry is a liberal. ...[It]
    really solidifies the fact that this is the most liberal ticket
    that the Democrats have put up for, basically, modern times. If
    you look at the voting records of those two guys, they are way
    out there in left field." --Jeb Bush

    On cross-examination...

    "Simply put, if Kerry really thought the war on terror was
    as big a deal as Bush does, there's no way he would pick John
    Edwards. Edwards is simply not qualified to be one heartbeat
    from the presidency.... Indeed, during the primaries even Kerry
    asked his aides about Edwards, 'What makes him think he can be
    president?'" --Jonah Goldberg

    "By choosing John Edwards over Dick Gephardt, the Democrats today
    transferred power in their party from the labor unions to the
    trial lawyers." --Grover Norquist

    "I guess with John Kerry's choice of John Edwards as his running
    mate, he really does want to stand up for all Americans, from
    those worth only $60 million to those worth in excess of $800
    million." --Ann Coulter

    Open query...

    "Why would new countries join the U.S.-led coalition [under a
    'President' Kerry] when Kerry and other Democrats fail to recognize
    the sacrifices already made by the United Kingdom, Australia,
    Italy, Spain and other countries that sent troops -- when the
    party dismisses Bush's coalition as 'unilateral'?" --Debra Saunders

    This week's "Alpha Jackass" award:

    "For this administration, the truth hurts; that is, when the truth
    is available to the American people. Instead, they often find
    bliss in the induced ignorance that comes when they deprive the
    American people of access to information that they have a right
    to. What are they hiding, and why are they hiding it? In the end,
    for this administration it is all about power. This lie about
    the invented connection between al Qaeda and Iraq was and is the
    key to justifying the current ongoing constitutional power grab
    by the president. So long as their big, flamboyant lie remains
    an established fact in the public's mind, President Bush will be
    seen as justified in taking for himself the power to make war on
    his whim." --Al Gore

    The BIG lie...

    "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe
    life does begin at conception. But I can't take my Catholic
    belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or
    a Jew or an atheist...who doesn't share it. We have separation
    of church and state in the United States of America." --John Kerry

    Let's dissect this one, just for fun: Kerry spoke about his
    Catholic "faith," then violated the Demo-faith (in the Abortion
    god), called abortion a matter of religion (as opposed to life
    and death) and further, accused good Protestants and Jews of
    being in favor of abortion. Who's he kidding anyway?

    Senator Kerry must be getting awfully comfortable in the polls
    to be speaking of his "personal" beliefs against abortion. The
    following response from Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara,
    anything but a conservative herself, should make Kerry think twice:

    "If you believe that life begins at conception, doesn't your
    conscience compel you to vote in concert with that belief?" asks
    McNamara. "Just as, if your conscience tells you capital punishment
    is state-sanctioned murder, you would vote against the death
    penalty? Or if you believe that gay marriage is a fundamental
    civil right, you would vote against a constitutional amendment to
    ban it? I, and I suspect many others who support legal abortion,
    had mistakenly assumed that, on this very personal issue, Kerry's
    conscience was at odds with the teaching of his church. His
    consistent record in favor of abortion rights, family planning,
    and reproductive freedom was, I thought, a courageous reflection
    of an independent mind. Now, I don't know what to think. I cannot
    respectfully disagree with him as I do with an abortion opponent
    whose conscience prompts her to work to unseat lawmakers like
    Kerry. I understand her. She is acting on principle, lobbying to
    change laws antithetical to her conscience. I don't understand
    him, voting consistently in opposition to what he now tells us
    is one of his core beliefs."

    DEMO-gogue campaign quotes...

    The Flip: "In the Senate four years -- and that is the full
    extent of public life ' no international experience, no military
    experience, you can imagine what the advertising is going to be
    next year.... When I came back from Vietnam in 1969, I don't
    know if John Edwards was out of diapers then." --John Kerry,
    January 2004

    The Flop: "John Edwards is ready for this job. He is ready for this
    job." --John Kerry, this week, following the Edwards announcement
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    The Federalist is a great newsletter. I've been getting it for the past year or so.
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    Actually John McCain has stated in several interviews (including one with Ton Snow on Fox) that Kerry never asked him to be VP. I'm trying to find a transcript right now.
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    I hope you can back up your post, because if you're spreading lies there's an atheist c*ck s*cker around here who's going to hound you about it for days.
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    that is from the Federalist. Not me Saban fan. Good stuff though.
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    Doesn't matter. If you do not specifically disclaim, you will not be allowed to rest until a certain poster has the last word. And this certain poster MUST have the last word.

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