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    The reason FSU has been the best football program in the country the last 10 years is they've sold recruits on competition. Competing for jobs every day at practice against the best players in the country. It's how Bowden's gotten the best players, and put so many players in the NFL.

    When I see recruits trying to figure out at which program will they play earliest at, it's always a red flag IMO. And IMO that was the case with Reggie Lewis.

    When you see recruits like Cameron Vaughn, one of the best players in Louisiana and one of the best LB's in the country, choose LSU because of his education and the program in general, that's exactly the kind of player the Tiger wants. Never once did I see a quote from Vaughn wondering where he'd play at earliest. Instead he wondered whether or not a program like LSU, or Tulane, or Notre Dame, would suit his academic needs, and of course he looked at the football program and all it's components also.

    Vaughn is a kid oblivious to the competition at LSU. He'll come in, compete hard, get his education and let the chips fall where they may.

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