Funny how things change in just a week...Look at this from

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    Dated last Tuesday, December 7th...

    Bertman: Saban's not going anywhere
    AD says coach would have spoken with him
    Tuesday, December 07, 2004
    By Mike Triplett
    Staff writer
    BATON ROUGE -- LSU athletic director Skip Bertman said he doesn't think the two latest major coaching vacancies will intrigue Tigers coach Nick Saban. Bertman said neither the Cleveland Browns nor Notre Dame have contacted him about Saban's availability.

    "Nick's not going anywhere," Bertman said Sunday. "He would tell me if he was going to talk to somebody. But personally, I don't think he'd talk to anybody, at this time.

    "He's very focused, he's very intense and he feels like he owes a lot to his team to avoid a distraction. So he really worries about this stuff getting into the papers, when in reality, he likes it here. He would rather be here than in Cleveland. I think that's what people are missing."

    Saban, who was defensive coordinator for the Browns from 1991-94, interviewed for the Chicago Bears head coaching job last year before removing himself from consideration.

    The coach has long said that the NFL has its pluses and minuses. Bertman said he believes Saban eventually will return to pro football. But he doesn't think it will happen anytime soon.

    "He already turned down the Bears for $4 million. What's he going to go to Cleveland for?" Bertman said, who believes the fact that Cleveland just fired a former college coach, Butch Davis, would be a red flag. "He stays here, he's the owner, general manager, vice president, player personnel director and overall boss. Why go there and fight that and last two years?
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    Yeah i remember reading that and thinking that made my all I can think about is who is gonna be our next coach...worse feeling in the world.

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