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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CalcoTiger, Sep 16, 2006.

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    I thought LSU Offense played not to lose instead of doing what you do best and keep doing it.

    I am of the opinion that you cant force running the ball. If you can run it great but when you have a inexperienced offensive line it is better to let them defend the pass rush first.

    LSU Coaches are hardheaded and even though we couldnt run it they were determined to run it anyway.

    When you do this you lose.

    Take what you do well which is throw the ball and take what the defense is giving.

    Against a two deep defense which is what Auburn was doing you throw crossing routes and develop an underneath passing game. You throw play action on first down.

    Until we had too i dont think we threw on first down more than 2 times all game.

    Also when we did run it seemed like everything was set up to go outside. You are not going to outrun a quick defense to the corner. Irons couldnt against LSU and he is better than any of the backs we have. He just runs harder and broke a few tackles.

    I am very dissapointed in Jimbo's offensive philosiphy. It seems he outhinks his strengths and try's to be too cute in his paly calling.

    Jamarcuss Russell is not releasing his passes on time either. He is late getting rid of the ball and i dont think anyone would say he was sharp today. He has a lot of physical tools but he is not what i would call a QB that plays smart. His decision making is just not what it should be.

    Redshirted Junior QB's dont get sacked with the ball with no timeouts and waste time we can not afford to lose. Playing smart for a QB is as important as physical tools and great arm.

    Brandon Cox doesnt have near the tools JR has but he plays much smarter.

    LSU will win alot of games with JR as our QB . But i dont think we will win it all. He looked rattled , confused and did a poor job of audibling against Auburn.

    You can blame the officials for alot in this game but it really comes down to LSU offense was poorly prepared to play against a former defensive co-ordinator that knew when and how to keep his defense from breaking.

    I feel bad for our defense because ultimately they would have to pitch a shutout to beat the # 3 team in the country.

    Shame on you offense.

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