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    Sep 2, 2002
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    Herbstreet picked us as his possibility to be a down team in OCT. He was not sure of our offense.
    In talking about the Georgia/Alabama game he said the Georgia defense will be ready because the know they should have won against LSU.
    I could care less about Herbstreet's opinion, but I do hope Bama, Auburn, Florida believe what he says and think we are overrated.
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    Sep 13, 2001
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    Tennessee will lose this game ... you'll see ... Auburn will serve LSU's purpose as follows

    1. An Auburn win will remove the last of the UNDEFEATED TEAMS in SEC EAST ...
    2. An Auburn win will get an overrated Tennessee squad off our heels and prevent Tennessee from leap-frogging over us in the polls ... Fightin Tiger , do you think it won't happen with a Tennessee win over Auburn ... THINK AGAIN MY FRIEND ... Tennessee moved up +54 points .... same as LSU with AN INCREDIBLY LAME +3 point win over South Carolina .... while LSU drummed MSU ------------------------------------------->WAS THAT FAIR TO LSU ..... NAH, NO RESPECT IS GIVEN LSU .... AND THEY ARE DYING TO PUT TENNESSEE PAST US ... JUST DYING TO DO IT.

    And, I would not be surprised to see Georgia move back to the Top 5 with a few wins ... but they can NEVER justify pushing Georgia over an undefeated LSU ....
    3. A rated Auburn team beaten by LSU gains us more than beating an Auburn team that's ranked #50.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate Auburn and Tuberville ... and would love nothing more than to have Tubby tied up in a chair stopping the glowing end of my CUBAN CIGAR ... with his forehead


    We'll wreak havoc upon them on Oct 25
  3. SpringTiger

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Why the obsession with getting leapfrogged in the polls (by Tennessee, or anyone)??? If both LSU and Tennessee win out, then the issue will be settled on the field. And, I, personally, would rather be ranked below Tennessee in the polls going into the SECCG, if both get there with unblemished records. It really won't matter who's ranked higher going into that game. Let the Tigers have the underdog role. I relish that.

    The polls mean absolutely nothing as long as your team just keeps winning. They will only become meaningful if there are more than two undefeated teams after the regular season and conference championship games. This being a possibility, but not a probability, if you want to worry about being behind someone else in the polls, then you should worry about being behind Oklahoma, Miami, Va Tech, Ohio State, or whichever teams (more than one) go undefeated.

    LSU needs to win out to have a chance at the MNC. If they do, they will still control their own destiny vis-a-vis the Vols even if Tennesse ends the regular season ranked higher because of a little thing called the SECCG. Tennessee will either lose a game somewhere along the line, or LSU will get the chance to hand them that loss. So, I say don't worry about where we are ranked relative to Tennessee.

  4. NOST Tiger

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    Jun 8, 2003
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    What is this "I hope for Auburn to win stuff". I absolutely want Auburn and any SEC west teams to lose. I am a lot less worried about what the pollsters will do than with any team running with us in the West. I want to see both Auburn and Alabama take humiliating losses that will screw with their heads going into our game. And yes, I want to see florida win today too. I want to see them make every effort and completely exhaust themselves, preferably in a 3OT win.

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