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    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

    Gas has nearly doubled since Obama took office and are projected to exceed $5.00/gallon.

    I'm sure balme belongs to Bush and the Republicans and has absolutely nothing to do with the Democrats or manmade global warming kooks.

    Should we continue wasting billions on failed corporations, unions, green energy, etc. or use oil until we can find alternative energy?

    Will the "good for the country" or "good for the party" prevail?

    Anybody own a Chevy Volt? (By "own" I mean did you purchase one with your own money not "own" as in your tax dollars are being wasted to support the industry.)
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    see the trend? the way i understand it, gas prices will continue to rise higher and higher and higher as Indian and China modernize and their demand for oil grows and grows... not to mention that the human population keeps getting bigger and bigger while the finite supply of oil on the planet gets smaller and smaller

    for the long term, it'd be great idea to look into buying stock in oil companies -- because the way i understand it our whole infrastructure is geared for oil and that's going to be hard and expensive to change in the short term. even legendary investor Warren Buffet started buying shares in ConocoPhillips in 2006, and now he currently has 29 million shares (worth roughly $2 billion). also in 2006, he bought 11% of PetroChina's public stock (he sold it in 2007 for a $3.5 billion profit)
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    Yes but so has our income. :D
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    the price of gas has absolutely nothing to do with Obama or the Republicans. currently, we have iran cutting off six european countries from their oil and threats to close the straight of hormuz while israel has made it pretty clear that they plan to attack iran in the coming months. since the price of oil is based upon speculation then i would say that there is little reason to believe that oil will flow freely if there is a war in the middle east, thus the reasoning that gas could continue to spike throughout the summer.

    it's apparent that you are not a fan of Obama's and that is fine, it's a free country. that said, you should watch the news now and then so you would know what determines the price of a barrel of oil.
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    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

    Yes...I SHOULD watch the news so NBC can tell me how to think. You obviously have your head up their rear.

    If you believe oil prices have NOTHING to do with drilling moratoriums, green energy, pipelines, oil infrastructure, foreign policy, etc. than there's really nothing more to say to you.

    It's similar to the stock market. When it rises...Obama is great! When it has NOTHING to do with Obama. I love the double standards and hypocrisy! You may claim to be a free-thinking independent or conservative but you love you some OBAMA!

    Before responding don't forget to get on you blanket and pray to the Chosen One. :D

    If this causes the economy to slow I'm sure he'll be ready to blame Bush and the Republicans AGAIN. It's so typical of a clueless president.
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    Actually Tiger in NC is correct. It has a lot more to do with the world supply/global economics. The vast majority of the supply comes from that area of the world and when they cut off the supply it has a domino effect on the entire world.

    Btw, Can you tell us how much of our oil comes from the wells that were under the moratorium? and: What percentage is that of our entire country's demand?

    I am against moratoriums, but this problem is bigger than that.

    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

    I never said the problem was isolated to the president. I said NC is either naive, lying, or a hypocrite if he believes it has nothing to do with the president.

    How many times did Nancy Pelosi blame George Bush for the rise in gas prices? Did you ever see the media or any Democrat oppose her? No...because they enjoyed the anti-Republican comments.

    Do you remember when CNN constantly blamed Republican presidents for gas increases? Do you remember when they defended Obama by saying higher gas prices are good for the environment?

    My point is this is typical left-wing rhetoric. High gas prices under a Republican president are always directly tied to the administration, are always considered bad, and blame is always directed to them.

    Under a Democrat president the situation completely changes. If prices fall the president is a hero and it's obviously due to his economic policy. However if prices rise it's due to weather, or pirates, or global economy, or Republicans, or anything but the fault of the adminstration.

    We've seen the same thing with the stock market. It skyrocketed under Bush yet no credit was given. If it goes up 10 point today they'll report it as an Obama success.

    NC said I should watch the news to understand. My question is if gas prices have nothing to do with the president why watch the news because CNN must be intentionally lying because they don't agree with NC?

    Also...why is Nancy Pelosi still in office as she must also believe there is a link between gas prices and the administration because she has repeatedly said so. So is she lying? Is it okay for her to make these comments but not for me to say the same thing? That's called hypocrisy and is a trademark of Democrats.
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    Your first response to my post was filled with insults and makes no point so I will only respond to it by saying that it is usually a good indicator of one's lack of intelligence when they have no legitimate defense of their position and have to resort to name calling to satisfy the lust of their anger.

    Next, Nancy Pelosi, who I personally do not care for, unfairly criticized GWB many times, as did many other Democrats. That said, when a President makes a decision to invade one of the largest oil producing countries in the world for reasons unrelated to our national security then, yes, that President does bear some responsibility for the price of oil sky rocketing. Was GWB the only reason gas prices were high? No, economic globalization means better incomes for people across the world and thus, more vehicles on the roads and greater demand are equally to blame.

    To call me naive or uninformed is a projection of the worst kind and to doubt my sincerity as it pertains to the political affiliations that I have without knowing me is just plain ridiculous. I have been critical of the President on several issues, most recently the Keystone Pipeline decision that could have provided thousands of jobs to the midwest and Texas. That said, I am not a fan of any political party but I am a huge fan of the United States of America. I am a veteran and IMHO the only un-American thing that any voter can do is to swear blind allegiance to a political party, as it is apparent that you have done.

    As I said before, we can all see that you don't care for this President and that is fine; I would never deny your first amendment rights. Having said that, be prepared to defend yourself with something better than name calling or circular reasoning that goes no where. I can respect anyone who can present an intelligent argument for their side of the debate but I tend to stop listening when someone like you starts calling names and frothing at the mouth because the facts contradict you.
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    It has nothing to do with any of them. Gas prices are set by international oil prices which rise and fall based on international supply and demand.

    Presidents have no control of oil prices.

    Man-made global warming scientists have no control over it either.

    The kooks are just being kooks and looking for a bogeyman.

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