Golf is still a game of honor

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by Winston1, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Cameron Tringale just disqualified himself and gave back $53,000 to correct an error he made during the PGA. Only in golf does integrity hold greater importance than winning and only in golf are the competitors charged with upholding the integrity of the rules. Rarely do you see this in other sports which is a shame.

    Those making excuses for those who use PEDs or cheat in other forms should regard this and remember there is more to life than winning.
  2. Bengal B

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    I heard about it a little while ago. The PGA was week ago. What took him so long?
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  3. uscvball

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    I like to think it's a game of honor and at one time perhaps it was. But if you think there are no guys on the tour who juice, you need to smell the coffee. Personally, I'm not totally opposed to roids. I figure if folks want to do it, then let them all try, the cream will still rise to the top.

    On a related (sort of) note....why does this "honor" and rules thing not apply to amateurs and 9-5 type fellers who golf? I see more wankers and jerks on a golf course than just about any other sports related venue. would think a golf tournament would be a safe place to take an 11 or 12 year old young lady to volunteer. For the last few years I have done this with my daughter at fund-raising tournaments for causes like pediatric cancer research or battered women's shelters, etc. These are nice courses, places like Pelican Hill in Newport Beach and yet the language, jokes, innuendo, and behavior are so far out of the realm of acceptable that it makes me question whether it's worth it. Last year, some drunk arsehole suggested my then 11 year-old might get on the table and's a good thing he had friends to tell him to stand down and apologize before I got more assertive.

    Maybe it's a generational thing. I played golf with my dad for years and nobody ever behaved that way. I don't remember ever hearing anybody even curse, much less be anything other than respectful.
  4. COTiger

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    It is and unfortunately it isn't related to just the golf course.
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  5. COTiger

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    The PGA Championship finished a week ago.
  6. Bengal B

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    Fixed it. I realized that after I posted. I got confused with Rory McElroy winning all those in a row.
    Golf is weird. A football player isn't going to tell the ref he was holding. A basketball player isn't going to call a foul on himself. In NASCAR cheating is part of the game. Its whatever they can do to bend the rules and get away with.

    If it was a big time player like Tiger Woods there are cameras following his every move even if he is way down the leaderboard. Cameras follow every move of even an obscure player like Tringale if he is among the leaders but he was so far out of contention and nobody called him on it even after a week that no video of his move likely even existed. I'm not even sure what he did wrong. I take a practice swing or two every time before I putt.
  7. COTiger

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    A practice swing is fine. There was doubt in his mind afterwards that he wiffed a 3" tap in.
  8. COTiger

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    I didn't realize there were so many golf enthusiasts on the board. :rolleyes:
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    @uscvball yes, there are many of those types on the course, while I would never suggest a young girl of 11 or 12 start table dancing I have played in a few tournaments and it gets a little rowdy. I don't think it is other than good clean adult males and the occasional female having some fun. As for the rest of it, I used to have a pretty decent foot wedge but since I've gotten more serious about my game I tend to play it as it lies just to see what I can make of it.

    He did just that however he did it above the ball. I'm not sure if he "missed" the ball, that would be a pretty damn fool thing to do. I couldn't ever imagine anyone on the tour even a rook or an am on his first go round making such an error but in his mind I guess he figured it could have been seen as a swing and a miss. He felt strongly enough about it to fess up and well, thats that.

    I've only gotten into it in the last couple of years and kick myself in the ass almost daily for not learning to play long ago.
  10. Bengal B

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    He could have called it a secret mulligan :)

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